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    ABC 99w Network Feeds Transitioned to DVBS2 HEVC 4:2:2

    No, don't think I can do that. And I'm really not interested in viewing TV on an 8" screen... Particularly when I have a practically new 55" Sony... I can buy a receiver and an STB if that is what it takes to get it to the TV.... But HOW?
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    ABC 99w Network Feeds Transitioned to DVBS2 HEVC 4:2:2

    Can someone describe in detail, a diagram would be good, exactly how to use the Mio 4K to stream to one of the devices listed at the beginning, so that ABC can be seen on a TV. 1. Is there any "Smart TV" or "Android TV" that will show the video? 2. Where can we get the "Android STB using...
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    AZBOX Premium Plus Power Supply Repair

    Vladmir; Both of the supplies that I repaired had a failed electrolytic capacitor. The large one on the output side of the full-wave bridge just off of the AC line input. In both cases, the capacitor had shorted and fuse was open also. Since the repair, I have I have used the unit...
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    IMPAKT Satellite Products is retiring from FTA

    Just picked up a Channel Master dish with LNBF from Impakt, looking forward to setting it up!!
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    New to KU-Band FTA

    For M1 HD overheating, I took the 'cheap' way out... I drilled 1/4" holes in the top cover above the power supply (6) and over the CPU (2-3), and 2 more below the power supply area, which already has lots of venting. Then I set it so there is extra space below it for ventilation, instead of...
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    Printable satellite chart

    Here is the chart that I have used. I built it up in MS Excel, for C-Band. It shows the Arc location in Degrees, the Satellite name and the Sat. symbol. I included the pulse count from the mover, in my case a Drake ESR1624U IRD from the old days. I have it programmed so that when I punch in...
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    FTA System Install

    I don't really know, but for the latitude, I would try to set by the large edge, since the little tab could never be set below 25 or 26.....
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    Is there any kind of kit to use multiple feedhorn/LNB's on a single dish?

    I am using pipe clamps to attach a second LNBF. On my 8' dish, I get 6 deg. spacing for 99W (Focus) and 105W (offset), at best. On my 10' dish, I get 4 deg. spacing for 97W (focus) and 101W (offset).
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    New to KU-Band FTA

    For the M1 HD, I drilled 6 holes in the top of the cabinet using a 1/4" bit to provide more ventilation in the power supply area and 2 in the area above the CPU, and also 2 in the bottom of the cabinet under the power supply area. This seems to provide more air passage through the cabinet and...
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    New to KU-Band FTA

    I have never been able to use magnetic compass to determine north-south. Where I live there is iron ore randomly in the ground, so the needle swings here and there as you take a step or two... I determine North by the north star, or use the suns shadow at noon [standard time], and that has...
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    rules when it comes to the remote control.

    Have lots of spares... [Ebay a good source]. Keep the remote in the Same Room as the TV!
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    125 west help amc 21 , Galaxy 14

    What size is the dish?
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    pay channels

    Several of us wish we still had ala carte C-Band services. Equipment costs for receivers has gone down, but the program owners want so much $$$ to allow subscriptions, and administrative costs are probably high. Not looking like an inviting investment in today's market.
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    A dumb ?...

    Okay, don't laugh at me.... But... I have heard that the military has developed coatings that absorb microwave radiation. You probably don't have that, but I believe the possibility that if there is some contamination on the dish surface that has absorbed water molecules, then the water...
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    WSI Vbox X Relay Stuck??

    GREAT !!!!