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    WB Network programming on Canadian over-the-air broadcasters (1998)

    I just hope that he doesn’t cause a “Mandela Effect” when he makes the WB the number one network for the 2000’s .
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    WB Network programming on Canadian over-the-air broadcasters (1998)

    I believe that this JosephHolloway1998 is either a time traveller or somehow able to get to the future internet from the past. He might even be a stockholder in the WB who wants to know why it failed. All of his posts seem to be about the WB in the past.
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    Hardware for Shaw services in Mexico

    You only need a “standard” not universal LNBF pointed at 111 now for reception in Mexico. There is no need for 107.3
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    Shaw service to Mexico not good

    Most has gone to 111. Meaning, those in Mexico will only need a standard, not universal, LNBF to receive serve from the one location. You don't even need the new LNB. Which channels were on F2 are you looking for? When the HD change was made, many went to F2. So, for those who are in...
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    Canadian satellite

    CTV is on 107 C Band, but 107 is going away in September when the satellite is retired. I think the best best would be to get Shaw Direct and just use 111.
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    Keeping water out of a C Band LNBF when using an offset dish

    I am new to using the C Band FTA. The angles that I have to point the C Band LNBFs on my 8 foot offset dish for the best signal will allow rain water to eventually go into them. It seems that most C Band LNBFs have the caps with holes in them. What do most people use in order to avoid having...
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    Anik F1R End of Life

    Is there a change that G1 will turn on some of the KU transponders for a CONUS beam? I know that G1 already offers KU coverage South America.
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    Option 1 1 3 3

    Would the Direc Tv SWM switch be the same thing?
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    Option 1 1 3 3

    I found this a while back , around 2 years ago, but I did not know what it was for. Does this mean that Shaw , through the use of a CSS switch can run a 630 off of one cable , but they choose not to do so?
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    OTHER What do I need to connect a PLL LNB to a feed horn?

    The screws do not match up exactly. Only 2 at a time. Do I need something else? Should it work with only 2 screws connected?
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    Using depart feed horn and LNB

    I have a Prodelin / General Dynamics 2.4 satellite dish. I have been using a standard LNB for my satellite receiver. I have been using a standard cheap LNBF with a cheap bracket bent to use with this particular antenna. When I purchased this dish, I did not fully understand that, in order to...
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    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    I found this about ANIK G1 and wanted to share my experience. I am on the VA / NC border. I could not get any G1 channels with the 75e from Shaw, I tried a 4 foot, no go, I tried a 6 foot, but it would only get one transponder , number 16. So then I installed an 8 foot offset Prodelin in order...
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    Combining two antennas

    So, I thought no had the concept of combining 2 different antennas pointed in opposite directions figured out, but I might have been wrong. I have tried to combine two of the same type antennas , with the same length of the exact same coax, but something odd happened. As soon as I counted the...
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    Are there any brokers left for Canadian satellite service?

    I just spoke with Bell. Swap is only for receivers with issues. Not all internal cards will be replaced.