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    Has anyone checked the bit rate of HBO HD or Cinemax HD with a BUD?

    The transponders on Galaxy 13 indicate 47 mb/s for two HBO HD channels and 40 mb/s for two Cinemax HD channels but cable companies are usually broadcasting those channel between 10-14 mb/s. Has anyone checked the distribution bit rate of those channels with a BUD? Is the map correct and a lot...
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    Anyone have "hidden" channels?

    Normally all standard channels (non package channels) as well as local HD channels are on the cable system unencrypted so they can usually be picked up with the bultin QAM digital tuner in a HDTV. If your cable system is an ADS system (Analog/Digital Simulcast), you should also pick all of the...
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    100+ HD channels?

    If Comcast provides that many by 3rd quarter of 2007, I'll be very happy. Actually, I'd be very happy if they provided only about 6 more HD channels if they were the right channels.
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    Comcast digital channel assignments

    Oops, I may have given you a bit of incorrect information in my first post. I said that Video On Demand (VOD) and Internet use frequencies below 54 MHz. It appears that most implementations have downstream VOD and/or internet at frequencies above 54 Mhz. However, upstream data is usually sent...
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    100+ HD channels?

    There is still plenty of room on 750 MHz and 860 MHz cable systems to add at least another 40 HD channels. The 550 MHz systems are holding up progress.
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    100+ HD channels?

    It wan't stated but I think he was talking about all channels including the local channels. If that is the case, they will still be behind Dish and cable.
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    Comcast digital channel assignments

    Channel 2 or band 2 is at 54 MHz, channel 3 is at 60 MHz, channel 4 is at 66 MHz, etc. and the bands are 6 MHz wide. So: (Frequency - Starting Band for channels ) / bandwidth size + Starting channel Number = the band or physical channel being used I could have used a simpler formula such...
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    Comcast digital channel assignments

    Once you go digital, it would be extremely hard to put any type of filter on the line. The cable system is either a 550 Mhz, 750 MHz, or 860 MHz system. Usually everything below 54 MHz is phone, Internet, and On Demand. Analog channel 2 is at 54 MHz and every analog channel after that is 6...
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    Cable v. Satellite

    I'll second that again since cable does not have a long term contract and you rent the STB/DVR instead of purchasing it.
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    Doing More With Less: MPEG-4 AVC encoders strugging to deliver High-Def

    If they are 50% better than the 1st generation hardware encoders, that should get them to work at about the same bit rate as the MPEG2 hardware encoders. In the UK, Sky HD has been having nothing but problems with the 1st generation MPEG4 AVC encoders. With only three channels per 46 mb/s...
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    Newbee question: What are the bit rates of some of the Galaxy 13 channels?

    I'm trying to determine the bit rates of some of the channels on the Galaxy 13 satellite. This is what is think I know: 3880 Starz transponder has about a 46 mb/s payload after error correction. 3900 HBO transponder has about a 46 mb/s payload after...