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    Sci Fi Goes for Cool as Syfy New Name

    Actually, you are quite right. syf - Wiktionary
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    SatelliteAV Motorized System Giveaway, We Have a Winner!

    I'd choose the Visionsat IV-200 for its PVR capability. It would be nice to be back in FTA.
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    D10 July 2007 Satellite Launch Prep-Final BLog Entry Posted

    On another forum I found this link to the interesting booklet about Directv 10 mission (lots of details):
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    Moved a couple miles and now no local channels...HELP!

    Hmm, locals for Philly are on 101.
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    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Philadelphia, PA, USA
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    New International Channels

    Good news. Check Galaxy 95 on Lyngsat. TV Polonia appeared there, and on D* website there is also TVP3 included in the TV listings. :)
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    Any Word On Setanta Sport??

    The price hike on D* is confirmed (Sept. 1) As of Sept. 1 the price for Setanta on D* is going up by $3 (to $14.99) - this is from my monthly statement.
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    Family Choice package ordering

    I'm not sure if it's new, but I just noticed that you can select Family Choice on D website (up to now you had to call to order it). Interestingly, it's called there Total Choice Family.
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    DirecTV 9S in September

    Arianespace is late again.
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    Just for me the understand the new DirecTV HD DVR receiver...

    Looking at the name I guess the hdd in the box will be 250GB. Do you think that the recording capacity of mpeg4 programms will be increased (in terms of the number of hours) compared to mpeg2? If yes, how much?