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    Bypass blue screen of hard drive death on HR24?

    Just wanted to provide a resolution in case anyone runs into this same problem......also highlights how bad customer service has gotten....they sent me another HR24 after saying they would sent an HR54.....called in waited on hold for another 43 minutes.....refused to activate it 'we aren't...
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    Bypass blue screen of hard drive death on HR24?

    Can't get that far, its stuck on the hard drive failure blue screen and I can hear the drive clicking
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    Bypass blue screen of hard drive death on HR24?

    Tried both unplugging and red button
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    Bypass blue screen of hard drive death on HR24?

    Only one option on the boot screen is to reboot, cannot get past this screen regardless of 1 or 20 reboots. I'm thinking there is a command or button combo that will let me advance....trying to use tuners until replacement arrives in a week so I'm not fully down.
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    Bypass blue screen of hard drive death on HR24?

    Anyone know how to bypass this screen to access the live feed on tuner 1 or 2 for an HR24?
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    AT&T bundles....anyone tried recently?

    How do I get the discount to show on one bill and still get two bills?
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    AT&T bundles....anyone tried recently?

    Has anyone tried to bundle AT&T DSL with DirecTV recently? Some of my promos are starting to end on my bill and I'm ready to give it a shot again. The problem I was running into was the fact that AT&T want to take over the entire billing procedure and all customer service. I just want to see...
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    HD upgrading: cost and national feeds

    You might think about just waiting, because if the new DirecTivo comes out, you could (most likely) transfer your lifetime sub over to it and save the $6.99/month.
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    Apt question....

    Use Dishpointer or if you have an iphone buy the dishpointer app. This is the quickest and cheapest way to find out. If it is borderline, call up your local installer and have them do a site survey where they bring a dish and a meter to make 100% determination.
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    Using an old 10 foot dish with DirecTV Slimline %

    Yes, but it won't help much. The problem lies with the transmission type, not with the reflector. KA band is not powerful enough to penetrate dense clouds filled with high moisture levels. Your signal is being lost or scattered in the sky, not at your dish. A large dish (10 feet is too big) may...
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    What HD DirecTV boxes needed?

    Same result, but one is outdated and doesn't make sense. All future receivers will require SWM, just as the H25 does now. If one of his H24's breaks in 2 years and they only have H25 or 26 or 27's, then he will have to pay out of pocket to upgrade. Do SWM now.
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    Moving Receivers with Whole Home DVR

    The only thing you would need to do is go into the setup menu and change the name of the locations. DVR would change to "BEDROOM" and the H24-25 would change to "LIVING ROOM"
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    Combining New Customer Offers?

    1.) Yes they can be combined. I did it about a month ago. You need to call the AAA line first, then RAF second with you account number. 2.) Yes, Costco first, then RAF
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    Is this possible to stop from happening?

    UPDATE: I just talked with a power company lead service area tech. They are aware of the issue. They traced the problem back to a series of over-voltage relays that trip when lightning hits the main transmission line(s) that go into the sub station that serves my neighborhood. We have had daily...