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    What Religious Channel Do you Want Added?

    New TV Channel i would like to see TLN, GodTV, Any Messianic Channels, Family Net, the other Southern Gospel Channel GMTV.
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    1 Truth Network

    12115 Truth Channel Hello i just went to the 12115 on IA 5 and did a scan but never saw the channel. What are the rest of the coordinates? Also what are some of the other new channels that we are suppose to receive off of the 19 Satelitte and their coordinates. And will the satelitte name...
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    Anyone have problems with some G19 channels?

    What transponders should I scan, to get these new channels? I knew GOD-TV was off I really Like that network, I have emailed the channel and asked them to consider that they make their network availlable on a permanent basis on GloryStar. Thanks!
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    Anyone have problems with some G19 channels?

    New channels hello am I supposed to be receiving some new channels from the G19? I have the older DVR model and I have to manually scan for channels? Let me know! I want to make sure I am receiving everything! Thanks1
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    1 Truth Network

    truth 1 network Hello what are their coordinates so I can plug them in, i have the older DVR receiver. Thanks!
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    GOD TV Testing on Glorystar - Your Input Needed!

    GOD TV Hello I just wanted to let everyone know that it is back on GloryStar.:)
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    What Religious Channel Do you Want Added?

    i would like to see the gospel channel added, it seems to have more updated or live southern and contemporary artists on it, i think SkyAngel has it on their line up! Is there a chance of seeing them to com to GloryStar? Thanks!
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    GOD TV Testing on Glorystar - Your Input Needed!

    So what is ging to happen to the parameters that GOD TV was going rto be on? i have noticed an advertisement for SSAT, and i have noticed some programming on there but i don't know what network it is? or where it is from!
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    Hope Church Channel added to Glorystar

    Hope Church Channel Hello I programmed it in tonight but I have sound but a lot of little color blocks, I can't see anything!:(
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    God TV now encrypted???

    I hope not that seemed to be a great channel!
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    Glorystar Channel List

    what is Glorystar one, Welcome, new channels, tech corner, Program Info. wheremdo i find these on Glorystar? Thanks!
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    What Religious Channel Do you Want Added?

    Add new channels Hello I would like to see the following channels added to glorystar! Faith network ionlife gube ilifeTV INSP Any change of doing this, they are on Skyangel now! Thanks!
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    University Channel

    where do i find the University channel, and what is it?
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    Hello where can I find the olympics on Glorystar? I know that you don't have them, but where can I scan to find them? Thanks!
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    Router for Glorystar

    How does the A/V sender work, and where can i buy them. So they will work the same as a router and and an adapter? I would plug it in the wall or something? Let me know! thanks! i just checked out a product that radio shack has that is an A/v sender, but I don't udersatand how that would work if...