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    Private Channels on Roku

    Thanks Tony, I did notice something on Crackle I like that service alot but I noticed if I go direct to webpage I can access alot more programs then I can thru the Roku Box I thought that was strange I thought it would be the same both of the site and thru Roku. I also noticed alot of the movies...
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    Private Channels on Roku

    I just got a new ROKU XS and love it!! I'm watching TECHGUY on Twit.TV right now and I'm impressed. Where can I find the most accurate website for ROKU private channels, I found 2 or 3 thru google but they seem like they are not updated too often. I have added a few private channels I am bummed...
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    Scott how to donate....

    Scott is there a separate way for us supporting founders to donate to the site without losing my Supporting Founder status. I did not see a dedicated button for this purpose just the ones to buy a subs. Thanks Bob
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    Are we ever going to see BBMP....

    Blockbuster Movie Pass available on the VIP211 (k) or the 222 (k)?? I don't want a dvr but I want to be able to access stuff online thru my reciever. Thanks Bob
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    An open letter to the DIRT team at Satelliteguys

    Don't waste your breath, I have the same problem here in NH getting WMUR as a SV channel and the funny part is we had WMUR in 2006 and they took it away. Then they fixed the law so we could get WMUR and after begging and pleading with Dish Network thru the DIRT team we could never get a honest...
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    Goodbye Deutsche Welle Radio

    Well there is the shortwave service of Deutsche Welle.
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    I'm out of it indefinetly

    My condolences Dee.
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    I'm out of it indefinetly

    My prayers and well wishes for your mom's recovery. Bob
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    HTX-202 2M handheld

    I had one too built like a tank!!! I do believe that it was built by Maxon for Rad Shack at the time using old Icom design so the story goes.
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    Rumor Alert - Goodbye DISH Platinum... Hello Blockbuster Movie Pass!

    Scott is Dish discontinuing the Dish Platinum channels and replacing it with the DVD service? I'm confused. Are the channels going to be added to AT200 or 250?? Thanks Bob
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    Do you think Echolink has run it's course??

    I currently use echolink and have for a number of years. Just wondering they have not had any updates to the program for a year or more. Do you think it has run its course. I do know it works very well for me. 73 Bob N1WBD
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    Any one here operate PSK31 or other digital modes??

    Hi Bill I would try what I think is one of the best digital programs out there. It's called MIXW you can get it at MixW - multimode software for radio amateurs is supports a number of different digital modes not just PSK31 and CW. Ck it out you might like it. 73 Bob N1WBD Grafton,NH
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    VIP 222K....

    I just had a tech come out to replace my bad VIP222 receiver with a 222k. When did they decide to do away with the S-Video out connection?? I used it on my old 222 and had great video on my Proscan analog TV. Also noticed that the 222k had changed the guide format so that I can't have just...
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    Partial and Total signal loss message in error.

    Don't feel bad I get the same thing here on my VIP222. I have to do a hard reset at least 1-2 a week. Very annoying. Signal levels are fine, check switch is good. I'll bet it's a software glitch. My software in the 222 is 5.04
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    Which cable to use for receive-only

    If it's working great as is don't fix it. :) All depends what impedence your scanner requires some scanners are 75 ohm. RG6 is 75 ohm cable. If you find out it requires 50 ohm cable a good quality low loss coax is like a LMR400 very low loss and works like a champ. Bob N1WBD