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    Hopper 3 info button

    When I click on the info button to see who the actors are in a movie or TV show it will bring up the info of the actor but many times as you scroll down to read the info the bottom line is split and you can't read it you can scroll all the way down and scroll up but many times you can't read the...
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    Why didn’t my show record?

    This has happened to me at various times and it has always been one of the local channels. When I record the prime time shows on my Hopper 3 I am usually at home so I double check the schedule to make sure they are recording and if a show isn't recording I go to the channel that is suppose to be...
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    Free 54.1 Remote With Google Assistant

    I saw a dish voice remote at a walmart the other day.
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    Hopper3 dvr timer

    On Sunday nights I set a Manual timer for CBS programs from 7PM to 1159PM CST. That way if football runs over I record a long enough period that will record the shows I watch.
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    Hopper 3 Extremely Hot

    I found these PVC pieces at Lowes and place them under my hopper. They are just the right size and raising it up helps keep it cooler I think.
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    Bluetooth headphones on Hopper 3

    I see you can connect wireless headphones to Hopper 3. Once they are connected are they always connected? I am trying to figure out how they work when connected do you turn them on and off each time you want to use them. Are the regular tv speakers or if you have a sound bar still working. Once...
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    Locals down?

    I had the same issues on all locals in Tulsa Ok. However only the HD channels were out if you switched over to the SD channel they all worked. This has happened before on one channel but never all of the locals.
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    I saw this at 7am this morning

    Went for my walk this morning and decided to walk up main street. Small town 3 stop lights about 6,000 people. I was walking along and I noticed what looked like a box sitting on the sidewalk in front of this apartment building and when I got close enough it was actually 2 dish receiver boxes...
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    what to do what to do?

    My Hopper 3 broke down and wouldn't start up so they are sending me a replacement which won't arrive until Monday. I have only been able to watch OTA. In case of future breakdowns I was thinking of purchasing another Hopper 3 and just keep it in the closet until it's needed. Are you even able to...
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    Hopper 3 bit the dust

    Had a music channel on listening to it while cleaning the house and wham bam the loudest clap of thunder or lightning I don't know which but it scared me.Lost electricity for about 2 minutes didn't mess with Hopper for another hour just left it turned off. When I turned tv back on just a black...
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    additional 52.0 remote for Hopper

    I bought a second remote for my hopper to use when I am sitting in front of the computer so I won't have to keep remembering to carry my original remote to the other end of the room. My question is after reading the instructions that came with it is if I match the second remote to the hopper...
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    Thought you might like to see this

    This pic was taken by a local news team in Tulsa, ok. on a story about a dog attack. I thought the hose hanging off the dish was weird.
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    need some help with music

    I am trying to get just a few words in a song to record from a Carpenter's song titled Close to you. I just want to get this part of the song here. "On the day that you were born the angels got together, and decided to create a dream come true. So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold...
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    2016-2017 season shows that I don't think will make it just from watching their trailers

    Zorn didn't make it 2 min. and I quit watching.