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    Multi Room DVR ???

    I recently returned my mother DRV and while there an CV employee said that within a month or so we'll have multi room capabilities. He said it would be via a software update. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Cablevision Removing Analog Services

    You'll be forced to use the $7 box. $7 x 4 rooms = $28 additional bux per month.:mad:
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    Triple Play

    My one year promotion just expired and was wondering if there was anything other promotion available, as we are finding it hard to justify continuing at the non triple-play rate. Please help.
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    Walmart Black Friday $128 Blu-ray

    I hope this isn't them trying to get rid of those left over 1.0 profile BD players that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. You know the ones where Granny has to figure out how to firmware upgrade right out the box just to play a movie.
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    # of HD-DVD discs "in the wild"

    This is an all time stupid thread.
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    NEW DVR Features

    Its common knowledge that CV compresses the hell out of their channels, you don't need a link to know that.
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    WSJ: Retailers Slash Blu-Ray Player Prices

    I wouldn't wish a buggy profile 1.0 or most 1.1 players on anyone. A % of the movies won't even play on them.
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    Petition to get BD-Live (profile 2.0) added to the LG BH200

    Another BD - ready joke. Just make it the standard.
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    Iron Man - or, how to shake people's confidence in Blu-Ray

    $25.99 + tax is about $30 for a movie. Who the hell wants to spend that? BD prices have been crazy from the start and with no comp don't look forward to prices falling. If I'm going to get raped for $30 a pop I'd expect the product to be flawless which alot of these disk are far from.
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    40GB Playstation 3 Price Drop Coming on Sunday?

    You forgot one The DMP-BD30 has no internal decoding for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution, or DTS-HD Master Audio. This lack of internal decoding is particularly disappointing because the older DMP-BD10A itself offered internal decoding for all of these formats...
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    40GB Playstation 3 Price Drop Coming on Sunday?

    Its not as simple as spapping in a bigger HD. The 40gb model is lacking many other important features then the other models. It was a dumbed down model brought out to help during the format wars.
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    Sony might be cutting their Blu-ray Prices

    You don't take loses to well. You made a fool out of yourself with your math and this is your comeback. Oh all the tears I've lost from others not talking to me. Onward and upward. I'd like for you and anyone here to tell me one lie that I've said about BD or any of their players. Based on that...
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    Memorex $270 Player

    If 1.1 is claimed to be full featured then what is 2.0??? Wordgames.
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    Sony might be cutting their Blu-ray Prices

    Care to try your math again, my public high school education taught me that 7740/16= $483.75 I think all that rounding was a little to much for you to handle. Baby steps. Now tell me how $483 is not inline with my statement? And by god stop making excuses for the BD30. Oh and Cnet is accurate...
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    Sony might be cutting their Blu-ray Prices

    Take the average price of the players you listed under $1000 and its $482 B&M or $457 Amazon. That’s giving you the benefit of not factoring in the $2000 players. So I firmly stand by my statement $400-$700. So much for ya higher truth and unimportant facts and all that crap. You also failed...