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    I had my DISH installed today... I'm kinda pi**ed...

    I had my DISH installed today... I'm kinda pi**ed... OTA problem. Alright- I was using my VOOM box as an OTA tuner with a Winegard Sensar II antenna, it worked fine got all of my locals, good signal strength... I was a little miffed that my installer: a. didn't know that I needed an OTA...
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    Any news on ESPN2-HD?

    With the baseball season quickly approaching, and the Sunday night HD game between the Red Sox/Yankees this Sunday, I was curious if anyone knows what the deal is with ESPN2HD? It appears that the Wednesday Night HD games are going to be on "the deuce" as well as some Sunday games...
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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    Mr. Dolan, I already thanked you a while back... I just wanted to say "Thanks, again!!" Something is going on today, which could be a historic day in Voom's short history thus far... We all may not understand what's going on, but we know it's you!! ;) Keep up the fight!!
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    Looking for new installs

    I think you should probably mount those TV's somewhere other than right above the freplace... :confused:
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    I've been getting a weird result...

    Thanks... I wasn't panicking, but it was starting to become frustrating... :) I lived through the audio problem, so I'll probably make it throught this, LOL....
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    I've been getting a weird result...

    Just started a couple of days ago... When I tune in some channels by scrolling through the guide and pressing enter, about 30% of the time the channel will just be a black screen.... :confused: If I press channel up, and then back down... it comes in... :confused: Any idea what could...
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    Looking for new installs

    You guys do plazmas? :rolleyes:
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    Charles Dolan to SatelliteGuys Members - THANK YOU!

    My day just got a lto better after reading this news! Awesome!!!! I am so glad that Charles Dolan is leading this fight!! What a passionate man! Keep it up Mr. Dolan!! :D Now, I can't wait for that DVR!!
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    Sunshine Network (Sunsports TV) begins broadcasting HD!!

    Maybe 3-4 times now.... I explained to them that I live 10 minutes from the Magic's arena, yet I can't get the station.... They repeat that there are only a few zips that are approved to get it.... :rolleyes:
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    Sunshine Network (Sunsports TV) begins broadcasting HD!!

    I have Strategic Technologies for cable... They are small (owned by US Home) for my neighborhood only... :rolleyes: I can't get Sunshine PERIOD from Voom.... Let alone HD. :(
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    Sunshine Network (Sunsports TV) begins broadcasting HD!!

    I was watching Sunshine last night (Magic vs. Pistons) when I realized that Sunshine is now Sunsports TV... To top it off, the game was done in HD as well as the post-game show!! :shocked The only problem was, I was...
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    Fox Sports FL and Sunshine Network are working

    Alright, I submitted my comment. I should hear back in the next few months, I'm sure... :rolleyes: I'm going to call again tonight. :(
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    Fox Sports FL and Sunshine Network are working

    I called VOOM to see if they would turn on the feed for me, and the CSR said that my zipcode wasn't authorized yet!! WTF? I live in 34787, Winter Garden... I am 10 miles form the TD Waterhouse Centre (where the Magic play), and I can't get the channel!! What the hell is going on. :rolleyes...
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    Movies in HD on TNT-HD tonight!

    Sweet!! I wanted to see John Q when it was in theatres... I forgot about that movie. ;) Thanks man.
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    Espn-HD: NFL PrimeTime 7:30pm EST

    Sportscenter showed A LOT of HD highlights last night... I think it is a product of there being a lot more HD content coming available... :) Now that FOX has gotten on board, you will see MUCH more HD on Sportscenter... Hell, even TNT did the Busch race in HD!!! Finally, TNT HD! :yes