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    Condition of LNB

    LNBF has been in service for about 4 years.
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    Condition of LNB

    Done some searching on site, but could not find any info. I was wondering if the condition of the plastic cover on the LNB will affect signal. When LNB was new, cover was clear, but over time it has turned almost a solid white color. I have noticed a signal drop, tweaked the dish and checked...
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    Fortec Star Dynamic

    I am thinking of replacing my current receiver. Did not see any reviews of the Fortec Dynamic and was wondering if any is using one and if so how does it work with motor, blind scan ect.?
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    Cold weather motor

    Have been using a SG-2100 on the East coast of Canada for two years. Motor subject to temps of -30 in winter and salt spray. Motor has never missed a beat.
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    33" Dish Vs. 39" Dish

    Have searched the threads but have not been able to find a clear answer. Have 33" dish with Sg 2100, quality on 123 averages 50% and on 97 around 30% to 40%. Have tweaked dish but this is the best quality I can get. Problem is, depending on weather I lose siginal quality especialy on 97. Will...
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    Snow on dish.

    Try windshield washer fluid with "Rain-X". Pour some in a small spray bottle and spray your dish and lnb. We get lots of wet sticky snow here and it works the very best, snow slides off and won't stick. Its cheap around $4.00 a jug, and one jug lasts all winter.
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    Confused on switch type

    I have read through some of the posted threads on switches but am still confused as to what I have to use. I have stationary dish aimed at Galaxy 10R, currently have rg6 cable running to one reciever. Rooms in house are wired with cable outlets,( not hooked up to cable), I want to run rg6 cable...
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    Motor working at -40C to -45C

    Sg2100 Has not been quite that cold last winter in my location -25 to -30. The SG2100 worked great in those temps. I never noticed any problems in speed or operation, worked the same as if it was +30.
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    dissipointed cant get 10r!

    I know your flustartion all to well. I live in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. Had same problem took me about 5 weeks to finally get a signial and the best I can get is about 45% quality, its good till it rains! The only advice I can give you is to make very small adjustments on your dish, I...
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    Warped dish 33 "

    Thanks guys for the replies. Soon as the rain lets up, will try the string test. Is there any way to check and see if the arm is pointing to the correct position, to the center of the dish?
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    Warped dish 33 "

    Is there any way to check, short of taking dish down and putting on flat surface, to check and see if dish is warped? If I look side on at dish, it appears to be warped a small amount. If dish is warped, what effect if any does it have on trying to fine tune?
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    Fortec Star Classic NA

    Thanks for the replies. LNB settings seem ok. Do have quite a few Tp's will try a factory reset
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    Fortec Star Classic NA

    Unable to add new transponder numbers on any satellites. Have reset unit with on/off switch on back. Still will not let me add new TP #'s. Any body have idea on how to fix.:yikes Tks.
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    No Sound on GNF Music & Movies?

    Just checked still have sound on both channels.
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    Inexpensive Dolby AC-3 - Canada side

    Nice find. Being a fellow Canadian know what you mean, how prices can almost double sometimes with duty and entry fees. What audio cables come with the unit?