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Nov 23, 2006
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I have read through some of the posted threads on switches but am still confused as to what I have to use. I have stationary dish aimed at Galaxy 10R, currently have rg6 cable running to one reciever. Rooms in house are wired with cable outlets,( not hooked up to cable), I want to run rg6 cable from dish to cable box and hook into cable lines going to den and new reciever in master bed room. What type of switch do I need and where does it have to be placed?
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Feb 21, 2007
Are you going to be running cable (analog or digital?) through those same lines? If so, the answer may not be what you wanna hear (I don't think you'll have much luck putting digital on the same line.. analog, maybe with a diplexer).

Now, for the second issue. Unless you want to watch channels that reside on the same polarity from each box, you're going to need a dual lnbf on your dish, and two lines coming from the dish into a 3X4 (or 2x4) multiswitch so that you can get both polarities at the same time from the different receivers. If you watch only one polarity (i.e. your channels that you watch are typically on the Horizontal side only), then you can use a highbandwidth splitter with a power block on one leg of the splitter (instead of the 3x4 and dual lnbf/cables) so that you don't send power back down the line from one receiver to the other.
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