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    Enter to Win a $50 Shopping Spree at Sadoun

    a nice new dg380
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    Local Abc Hd In Ct

    WTNH sucks a**, I put up an antenna and get ch 40 out of springfield ma. for abc. P.S. I live in ne CT, not a chance in He** of receiving wtnh on antenna.
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    Song Name Game...

    Take on me - Ah Ha
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    YES HD spotbeam issue

    06374 plainfield, ct watched yeshd last night two chnl 622's hr-20 5 lnb slimline
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    YES hd coverage expanded!

    I watched yeshd last night on channel 622, I had 2 channel 622's, my zip is 06374 plainfield ct (north east) hr-20 5 lnb slimline
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    Win A Glorystar System! - Enter Here!

    Welcome Glorystar
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    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Plainfield, CT USA
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    Song Name Game...

    Love in The First Degree --- Alabama
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    Moving a c-band--tools?

    When I picked up mine(10' mesh), I used a battery opperated sawzall and cut the pole at the ground while a guy held the dish in place. Then we loaded it in a utility trailer and took it home.
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    Song Name Game...

    Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be ---- AC/DC
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    WVXF or WVGN on Galaxy 16

    OK I was able to tune in the five channels you mentioned, I had to play with the skew on my pos 10 footer, you guys are great resource for the hobby. Thanks again. :-)
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    WVXF or WVGN on Galaxy 16

    Thanks Iceberg, I will try and play with the skew on c-band box. What do think about their local news? is it worth the effort? Thanks
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    WVXF or WVGN on Galaxy 16

    Has any one been able to receive these on there c-band? If so is the transponder and symbol rate that lyngsat has listed accurate? According to lyngsat: freq=3950 horz and symbol rate=12296. I was able to get good quality on freq 3880 (Mexican) so I believe I am on the right bird. I was...
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    Song Name Game...

    Stiff Upper Lip -- AC/DC
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    Song Name Game...

    Seven Nation Army -- White Stripes