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    I'm Done with Dish

    Been thinking of trying dish when my contract with Cox is up. Fees on Cox are higher than dish. Although my picture quality here is very good. Even SD which I hardly ever watch is better than what I remember with Directv. Have never had Dish with HD. Had it many many years ago before I got an...
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    HD Extra Pack

    How did you get it free for 3 months?
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    Lost WCBS Significantly Viewed channel in CT

    WCBS is back on here in Bethlehem CT today.
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    Here in Ct they don't show up in the scan. I had to try and figure out where they were and add them manually. Then they worked. There is a forum that helped me find the frequencies. I think it is They have forums for specific cable companies. Hope this helps you.
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    Help a Cable Guy out?

    plus 4.99 dvr fee also in December Hd fee is going up 5.00 according to what has been reported here. Had D for a month now coming from Charter cable and am very happy so far. Picture is very good.
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    Rain fade? Hartford CT area

    I was watching for rain fade last night as it was the first good storm since i re pointed the dish. It was much better than the last rain. When it really started pouring around 830 I lost signal but I expected that as it was a strong thunderstorm and most times you will lose signal. I checked...
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    HR20-700 {CE:09:06} - 0x1A3 Discussion thread

    why can't you do that? I changed my 500g hd to a 750g and gave my son my original one. When I hooked it up for him yesterday it had my recordings and favorite lists on it. Worked fine on his hr20.
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    What we are hearing...

    4 weeks
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    What we are hearing...

    amen to that
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    Does DTV have a dual tuner dvr like E's 622?

    Can you watch one of the tuners not used when recording, for example if recording 2 satellite channels can you watch an ota channel or if recording one of each could you watch one of the other ones.