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    The Dish April 1st New HD Saga (Merged Threads)

    I better sign up for the 922 just in case....
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    Suspicious install situation?

    Most apartment buildings with flat roofs will have roof access from within the building like thru a hatch or something. Most I have run into have AC units mounted on the roof that need access to them. I would try to find your building maintenance person and see if this is the case.
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    General Sports Trivia

    Actually I had to edit my post with the dates. But you can have the credit if you want it that bad.
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    General Sports Trivia

    1997 - Coppin State over South Carolina 1991 - Richmond over Syracuse 1993 - Santa Clara over Arizona 2001 - Hampton over Iowa State
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    Guide Information

    Hey Guys, I have searched for this answer, but have yet to find it. I have a ViP722 with a Winegard SENSAR antenna. If I cancel my subscription to locals through Dish Network, will I also lose the guide info for my off-air locals. Dish Network does not carry my locals in HD and I can pull...
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    Favorite Cover songs

    Agreed #1 has to be "Hurt" by NIN covered by Johnny Cash. Another good one is "Gin & Juice" by Snoop Dogg covered by The Gourds. Hilarious.
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    I'm having a DP brain fart...

    No you don't have to.
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    I'm having a DP brain fart...

    If it were me I would replace the DP Twin on the DISH 500 with 2 DP duals. It's just a matter of preference but I don't like the idea of hooking the built-in switch on the twin with a 34 or 44 switch. Kind of a "the less there is to go wrong, the less that will go wrong" thing.
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    I'm having a DP brain fart...

    If thats the case then the 44 switch might be the way to go if you don't mind shelling out the $200 for one.
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    I'm having a DP brain fart...

    It sounds like the best solution for you would be to get a DISH 1000.2 because it has three DPP outputs, and use separators on the dual tuner receivers. The DISH 1000.2 will get you the 119/110/129 birds and if you still require the 61.5 there is an input for that.
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    Coax spec for conduit run underground

    If it were me I would put in more than one run and plan for the future and not present. That way if in 5 yrs you need another run, its there. As far as spec RG-6 or RG-6U rated to 3Ghz should be fine.
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    Using an HD DVR w/ an SD TV

    Randall-Do you think the increase is due to the subs who simply get the HD receiver and hook up OTA and use the receiver for progam info and not sub to HD?
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    Using an HD DVR w/ an SD TV

    Yes, it is per month. But if you are talking about getting HD programming for your hockey, the HD package is $20 per month
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    Using an HD DVR w/ an SD TV

    Why upgrade to an HD-DVR?? If the DVR is the only thing you are interested, upgrade to a SD-DVR. Hooking up an HD-DVR to a SDTV is like putting race fuel into a Geo Metro.
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    Rabbit-ears over outdoor antenna???

    My experience with OTA is limited so that is what I'm curious to see. Winter's in central Illinois can get kinda brutal so we shall see if it lasts. I'm just glad I get to watch my Illini in the Rose Bowl in HD, not to mention the Super Bowl. I'm just glad I don't have to look at my $10 set...