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    New to Dish and have lost signal twice in the first two weeks

    My install was 3 weeks ago and I'm seeing similar signal numbers. We've had some rain come through, but nothing heavy. I haven't had an outage so far. My installer did reuse my Directv cables coming into the house. He ran new cable from the dish to the "splitter" or node (been a while since...
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    Cancelled DTV over terrible customer service

    I too was a 7 year customer and CS with AT&T caused me to leave. We tried their wireless service and it was just too spotty at our house. We ended up returning to Verizon and then our nightmare started with their billing departments. We ended up losing a lot of money on phones. I decided if...
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    DirecTV to Dish?

    I just recently switched from DTV over to Dish almost 3 weeks ago. I had Dish in the past with a 722 DVR, but when I moved to my new house they were unwilling to give me free equipment or promo deals on the programming since I still had an account in my name back at my mom's house. It was in...
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    Flex related question

    I just got new service a couple weeks ago with the Flex. So far very happy with the hopper 3 and the monthly price. Even the regular price after 2 years is better than my year 2 price through Directv. My mom wants me to switch her to the Flex pack since she's paying $90 for 1 722 DVR and the...
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    Does A Genie Client Have Pip?

    They will only give you the one free Genie, but I'm sure if you wanted to "buy" one from a seller that you could. I wouldn't think there is a reason that they wouldn't activate it on your account unless there is some technical issues that would prevent it.
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    Finally upgrading to genie soon

    I now have the same setup as Blackoz. Called Directv last Tuesday and asked when my 2 year commitment was over. The lady said you're currently out of contract. Of course she asked why I wanted to know and I told her I was weighing my options going forward. She ended up giving me $15 off per...
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    Finally installed Directv at my house!

    My install is scheduled for today and I hope all goes well. I haven't had a box since the HR 20 so I'm hoping the newer ones are a little better. My HR 20 was decent so I didn't have a lot of the issues others had. I would've installed Dish at my new house if they would've let me. I guess...
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    Install in 2 days

    Hey all, I'm currently a Dish sub with 2 722s and I'm leaving that setup for my mom to use and in my new house I'm going with Directv. I signed up today for the whole home DVR with a DVR in the living room and an HD receiver for the bedroom. It's been about 2 years since I had Directv so I'm...
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    Great Experience with DN

    I actually had a great install back in Nov. 08. The guy did an excellent job with all phases of the install. I had a 6 X 6 treated post with my Directv dish mounted on it and he reused it. Said he'd put in a steel post with concrete if I preferred, but my post had been in a while and was...
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    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    I wish that ad was true. I'd upgrade to the Dish America Silver and get FX and other stuff I want.
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    Thinking of getting Dish Network....

    Not sure if they are letting new customers sign up with the old Turbo HD packages, but that's the cheapest route. They are now called Dish America I think. I have the old Turbo HD Bronze for $35 per month with locals. HDDVR is another $6 plus taxes. It's a pretty good price for a decent...
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    Who has Dish America (Turbo HD)?

    I have Turbo HD Bronze (Dish America) and I get Spike. No MTV though.
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    Bluefield/Beckley DMA on Dish - any updates?

    I have guys at work who live in Bluefield and are waiting for locals before signing up with Dish. I keep telling them soon so I'm hopeful they will get online in the near future.
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    UPDATED - New Dish Pricing Info!

    I personally would love some competition in my area. I would be fine with bundling my services together. In the town where I work Comcast has the cable company and Verizon has the phone with DSL available. Both have very solid internet services in the town. The cable there seems to be pretty...
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    Dish switching from 4 leased tuners to 6!!!!!

    I'm sure they'll give you 6 tuners now with the $17 per box fee. That's like gravy for Dish.