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    Direct, \NFL pack

    You can always try a site like Justin.TV on Sunday to see if anyone is streaming the game live. May not be the best quality, but better then not seeing it at all.
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    Why I love DirecTV

    If I lived in the WNY area, I would give up SanJose in HD on VS for the Sabres in HD any day. And for us out of town Buffalo fans, the Bills look great in HD on NFL ST (just wish they would start playing great) and on Dish, the 2 minutes on NFL RZ channel was nice. So did you ditch Dish?
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    NO HD Center Ice Games are Working!

    There is a difference between MLBEI and NHLCI when it comes to HD. There are several RSN's that the NHL does not have an agreement to carry HD feeds: MSG, CSN Philly & CSN NW, to name a few. Also, they have just started carrying one Canadian HD feed, SNET-O. The next one is scheduled is the...
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    Thank God for NFL ST

    Its because the NFL is thinking about adding a team in London, but not for several years. So its a kind of test. Here is an article about it [Link]
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    HDNet and HDNet Movies now available On Demand

    Having some issues with 1079 HDNet OD. Even though I have 306 HDNet, when I try to download an episode of Dan Rather, I get a message to call and purchase the channel. I could understand getting that message if I tried 1552 HDNet Movies, since I don't have the HD Xtra pack. Doesn't make...
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    Buffalo Sabres game on Versus

    Getting NHLCI free is a really good deal. I have cable as a backup to D* and you missed one of the best all-around games that the Sabres have played in a long time. I really hope what you were told isn't accurate, because I want VS back on D*. Especially for the playoffs.
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    NFL Network to Offer "Red Zone Channel": Alternative to Sunday Ticket?

    NFLN cost much more. In a recent article it stated the following: Comcast and the NFL said Tuesday that they had reached an agreement for the nation's largest cable TV operator to air the football channel on its second-most popular digital tier of service. The deal spans 10 years and would...
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    NFL Network to Offer "Red Zone Channel": Alternative to Sunday Ticket?

    The reason they are jumping is because it cost .25/subscriber, which is high for a part time channel. And it may be sought after by the NFL masses, but not the whole subscriber base. I subscribe to NFL ST and its mainly to get my favorite team, since I live out of market. I think Red Zone...
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    DIRECTV Receiver Issues

    Thanks, I corrected that post to include H2x receivers.
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    Upgrade without contract extension?

    As someone already mentioned, adding an owned receiver will not extend your commitment. If you but from D* or solid signal, it will be several hundred dollars upfront. You can check eBay or Craigs list for someone selling an owned HD receiver or DVR. Although, you would need to verify with D*...
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    DIRECTV Receiver Issues

    With the HD DVR’s and receivers, you have the ability to setup receivers with 8 different IR codes now. All H2x & HR2x (20/21/22/23) and R22’s now have this feature. To set it up you first need to select Menu > Parental Favorites & Setup > System Setup > Remote > Advanced Setups. Next enter...
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    Adding a Receiver - Professional Installation / Upgrading SWM?

    That would work and just put a splitter on the cable. Although he would end up paying a upfront fee and $5/mo for the additional receiver. I guess he could put the splitter on the cable and temporarily move a DVR into the room to watch NFL ST on Sundays.
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    BBC module

    Since your receiver can talk, why don't you ask it? Seriously, you probably either have a SWM setup or you have an HR23 that has wide-band tuners built in.
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    I just "moved"

    I might say "DirecTV or Dish don't care about what they don't know", but I wouldn't go as far as to say they don't care.
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    New Rant

    Wow, that's got to be a principle thing. That's an awful lot of effort for $7.77. If your monthly bill is $100, in 3 days you have used over $7.77 worth of a service.