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    How far away can you get channels nowdays with an antenna?

    I'm over 500 ft. elevation in Northern New Jersey and receive stations from Philadelphia, Allentown and Connecticut ( Ch.8 and 59 ) . On good trop nights I've been able to receive as far South as Virginia with digital . At my Naples Florida house with trop in the last month I've received...
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    Epix arrives on DirecTV, launches soon on DirecTV Now

    I tried to order online on Sunday and the system said it was not available in my package . I have the Choice package .
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    Dish mount for OTA

    Would either of these mounts fit a Directv Slimline antenna mount ? I wasn't certain looking at their descriptions .
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    There doesn't appear a way to remove programs from series recording . I go into manage recordings and it will only allow me to remove upcoming programs that appear in the guide . I have several shows that are longer broadcast that I want to remove from the series recording list . Am I missing...
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    AM 22 compatibility with HR 44

    Purchased a power cord from Radio Shack and plugged it into the wall . The tuner is working .
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    AM 22 compatibility with HR 44

    Thanks for the advice. I'll give Radio Shack a try .
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    AM 22 compatibility with HR 44

    Several months ago I purchased an AM 22 off air tuner from Directv . I actually thought I was getting an AM 21 but they sent me the 22 . I have tried to connect the AM 22 to my HR 44 but notice that there is a power incompatibility . I am not an expert in power cords but the connections are...
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    WJAR in Western Ct.

    99 Sat 24 Tpn shows 0 just a few miles west of NYC. I wonder show strong the signal is in Western Ct.
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    WJAR in Western Ct.

    Last week I "moved" from NJ to Western Ct. and noticed that WJAR (NBC) Providence appears in the program guide . When I try to view the channel I get a 771 signal loss message. I believe the reason is the Providence beam doesn't reach NJ. All Hartford channels are received without problems ...
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    Extra Innings / Phillies

    Saturday and Sunday games in Philadelphia were on OTA Channel 57.I don't think EI has ever carried OTA games from 57.
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    DirectTV Amazing deal as a new customer

    Free installation?
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    Cband analog video quality

    Many analog and fta c-band and ku channels are vastly superior to any picture on Cable,Direct and Dish.
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    StarChoice NO HD Channels

    It appears that you aren't receiving the signals from 111.Check the connection from 111.Some of the HD channels have non-HD signals on 107.
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    StarChoice Step #2 Installation Questions

    I'm in Northern New Jersey with a 14 foot dish.I'm getting signal levels on a 405 from +10.6 to +13.7.
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    Qualify for HD Distants

    I've had c-band network service for more than a decade.Even have some old bills as proof and a waiver from one network. I'm located in New Jersey.Could I get LA Hd channels if I started dish service paying for locals?