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Mar 30, 2006
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Several months ago I purchased an AM 22 off air tuner from Directv . I actually thought I was getting an AM 21 but they sent me the 22 . I have tried to connect the AM 22 to my HR 44 but notice that there is a power incompatibility . I am not an expert in power cords but the connections are totally different and not interchangeable . You cannot take the power cord from the HR44 and plug it into the AM 22 . Likewise you cannot plug the AM 22 cord into the HR44 .

Is there an solution to this power problem . BTW , the instructions for the AM 22 in the box were in Spanish . Online instructions in English are unhelpful .


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Sep 7, 2003
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It will work. You need to leave the power connector fro the power brick connected to the HR44. You the need to get a power cord that will attach to the AM22 and connect that directly to the AM22, Amazon or maybe even a local store like Radio Shack. Then just connect the USB cable between the two.

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