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    Can I connect 6 TVs to 2 Receivers

    Both HD DUO Receeivers, the 222k and the 722k (DVR), have HDMI, Composite, AND Component outputs to the main tv (TV1). Thus, you can use your current setup between the living room and the bedroom. However, if you use Component cables to connect the bedroom tv you will have a better (i.e., HD)...
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    Vip222k Installation Question.

    The attached picture will help illustate exactly where to install the two diplexors as described by TimberWolf. (Ignor the fact that there are two Dishes in the picture.) Hope this helps!
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    How to connect?

    The OP states that the second receiver is a VIP 222, which is NOT a dvr. Thus, it has no Dishonline download capability. Hence, the Dishcom connection is sufficient.
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    Advice for a new customer

    You should not have to sweet talk the installer into "mirroring" the SD signal to your other TV. Since you had basic cable, it is preetty easy to distribute BOTH of the signals (TV1 and TV2) from your 722 or 722k back through your existing cable to ALL of the cable outlets in your house. Thus...
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    TV2 Distribution Question

    You can also distribute the TV1 modulated signals as well!
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    Possible 2 722K's to support 4 TV's?

    If you won't be watching more than 2 TVs at any one time (or more precisely, 2 different channels at any one time) and are OK with SD for all 3 other TVs, you only need the 1 receiver that you have. Merely connect the home distribution output of the 722K (that has been back-feeding the one SD...
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    VIP222K..same program on 2 TV's

    You may have to set up the modulator for TV1. (Mine was not set up by the tech who did the install.) Menu 6-1-5 will do the trick. To avoid any potential interference with TV2's signal, choose a channel number for TV1's signal that is at least 2 channels on either side of the channel TV2 is...
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    Tips on wiring a simple system

    If I understand correctly, you have one Dish receiver, an OTA antenna, and 2 TV's. I believe you are using the diplexer incorrectly. It should join the Sat signal and the OTA signal so that both signals are carried over one cable to the reciever. From there the second diplexer provides a SAT...
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    Anyone else having problems paying their bill online?

    I do use auto-pay which has always worked flawlessly. However, since last Thurs. or Fri., sometimes when I login to my online account it shows that I am not enrolled. The first couple of times this happened, I re-enrolled in the auto-pay program. The third time I ignored it thinking I would call...
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    L393 for 222k is out

    I noticed that L393 was downloaded a couple of days ago. Haven't seen anything that's different. Maybe, others have. I'm still waiting/hoping for EHD functionality to be added.
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    20.0/21.0 remote question...

    In Sat mode, the Yellow and Blue buttons have the same functionality as the Page Up and Page Down buttons.
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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    I, too, was initially going to get TurboHD Bronze, but was persuaded by the promo as well. My 6 months of the Classic 100 + Bronze HD promo were up today. I called yesterday and was switched back to TurboHD Bronze. I had no problem at all getting the TurboHD even though it is absent from the...
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    Dish network setup-Help!

    It sounds like you should be able to swap the cables on the "outside" diplexer. The trick is which cables to swap. The attached diagram should help. Swap the UHF/VHF cable with the one on the other side of the diplexer, NOT the one on the same side of the diplexor--swap the yellow one with the...
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    RF signal splitting

    The attached diagram may help. However, it only shows one receiver. Repeat this setup for the second receiver. Next, join the 2 agile modulator feeds into a 2-way splitter (to what is normally the 2 outs) and connect the in with a short cable to the in of the 4-way (yours may be 2-way, 3-way...
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    Preinstall questions/concerns??

    I used Dish's list of local retailers, did my own research on them, narrowed the list down, and talked to them directly. I chose a retailer who worked with me. I waited until he had the receiver (and dish) that I wanted. He did the install in a location and manner that was totally acceptable to...