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    running network cable outside?

    Another solution for running cables outside is to get Moca Adapters,then you can use regular quad core RG6 ( or your existing cable/sat cables) . Yes that will limit your network speed to 250Mps, but a lot smaller hole in your wall.
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    Amazon Echo

    Yes ,though I would question if a trial member would get the invite. We actually have gotten 3 invites. The wife missed the first 2 since our Amazon account is linked to her email and she gets so many Amazon emails confirming our purchases that she never opens them. So with the last one I...
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    What is(are) the benefits of the TiVo Mini?

    The advantage of the mini over another Roamio with OTA, (beyond cost) is that you get your signal over your home network, not directly off your antenna. So if you would have a long cable run and a splitter you save that signal degradation. The long cable run from the antenna on the roof, down to...
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    Moving from Hopper to Tivo

    I haven't been around the forum for a while, but I will try and throw in my 2 cents about switching to Tivo. ( From DirecTV) and how I set up the networking through the house to service the Tivo Minis. I have an 8200 Aerial on the roof feeding an AD CDA8 amplified splitter in the basement. The...
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    Canceling protection plan?

    I can understand where somebody in an apartment ( without homeowners insurance) and a sizable investment in their A/V equipment might find it worth the extra $10/mo for D* covers everything PP.
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    Genie secret handshake to get client working

    You have the steps down, the delay in resetting client would be to wait until the Genie is booted up and "rebuilding program list"
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    Using Deca for Tivo Networking

    WOW Hard to believe nobody has an opinion on this on whether or not it will work.
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    Multiswitch Question

    So he can just go with R25 receivers in the guest house instead of clients (?) and it "should " work.
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    Help with Tivo networking

    I posted similar question over on DTV side, nobody is awake over there yet. Still sleeping off turkey comas.
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    Help with Tivo networking

    Thanks for the links, but I'm not looking at a 4 tuner since no 4 tuner Tivos support OTA, I am looking for OTA which is only supported by the 2 tuner. I know how to install a MOCA adapter, my question was whether or not Tivo 2 tuner Premiere would work with my current DECA setup or if I need to...
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    Help with Tivo networking

    As I said I'm dropping DTV, and going OTA/online streaming. So there will be no DTV boxes in the system . I don't want Tivo to talk to anything but each other and internet. What they could not tell me was whether my old DTV DECA inserter will work for Tivo to get MOCA. The CS I got was lost at...
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    Using Deca for Tivo Networking

    Okay, I know I hate people that post the same question in multiple threads, but I figured more people familiar with D* Deca are here than over in the OTA forum. I know I can split off the signal from my Cat6 to feed other devices,been there done that already to feed the daughter's BR player...
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    Help with Tivo networking

    Ok, after a very frustrating 1/2 hour convo with Tivo CS, I figure it's time to come here to the "experts". I'm still tossing around getting Tivo for OTA and dropping D* completely. I realize the Premiere have a crappy OTA tuner,that has been discussed ad nauseam , that aside the current BF...
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    HR23-700 died power supply

    Over the decades I have learned that all electronics need that smoke inside them to work, once you let it out they are dead. If you actually own the unit, just pull the HD out and save your 300gb of recordings. Of course you will need a working donor to put it in.
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    Whole Home DVR issue...

    Are the other DVRs showing the content on the box that has the problem ? Reboot the Genie, for whatever reason it lost contact with that HR23. All the other receivers use the Genie as a server.