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    GRAND PRIZE - DishStore.NET Giveaway!

    Enter me in!! I would like this one!!
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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

    I want one!!! Enter me in!!!
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    Beta Video On Demand

    Mediashare How do you mediashare?
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    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

    Count me in Enter me!!
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    Spiderman Movie Collection - Enter Here to Win!

    Spiderman My hero!!! Count me in!!
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    Toshiba HD-A2 HDDVD Player - Enter To Win!

    Yes!!!!!!!! I would love this!!!
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    Lost CBS HD

    I have had an OTA antenna hooked up to my HR20-100 for a few weeks now. I was getting between 60 to 70 percent on the signal meter from my local CBS affiliate. As of Sunday morning I cannot pick up the signal at all. The antenna has not moved and the other locals come in at the same level as...
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    On Demand HD?

    Any idea when we will be able to get some HD On Demand? Kinda silly being the HD receivers are the only ones that are capable of On Demand. I would take 10 HD titles instead of 100's of SD titles to download.
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    Slimline pole mount install - Directv says yes, Halsted says no

    Don't worry about it. I just installed 2 on poles today. Drive the pole, concrete, and self tappers to hold the big ol son of a bitch AZEL on the pole. Haven't had any complaints yet, Hey that is how I have my own installed.
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    Soon to be one of the EVIL ones.

    Was just informed today I landed an installer job for D*. Very excited about it. I have read many complaints about installers on this website. I promise if I come to your house you will not have a horror story to share with this forum. Customer service will be my #1 priority. Hope to...