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    Upgrading from 2 hopper w/sling to a hopper 3

    We have 2 hopper/sling. I primairily use one and my wife the other. We setup our own timers. There is about a 20% overlap. We are just now getting 4K TVs , thus the desire for the hopper3. We will also need to get a 4K Joey. Currently we are paying $12 for each hw3. What will be the pros and...
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    Home media app

    i just want to confirm that the "home media" app does not play Mkv files. If not, any chance it will in the future? My personal video has a mix of formats. I would really like to be able to watch these videos from my hopper vs Roku.
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    Problem while watching a delayed recording

    I like to setup recordings for sporting events and start watching the game while it is still recording. I noticed that when the recording stops, the status screen pops up and jumps to the end of the program(like I have finished watching it). I may be only half way through watching the game...
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    External Hard Drive Help

    As the original poster, i just wanted to update. My new HWS only sees the external from my older HWS. Neither Hopper can see any other connected drives. I have tried 3 different ones now(formatted them all). I have been following other related posts in the forum and it does seem like I am...
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    Hopper3 Update taking out External Hard Drives

    I just want to add that the sources folder shows up if you have a second hopper(like I do). My sources folder showed both of my hoppers and my external drive until the Oct. 21 update.
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    External Hard Drive Help

    It is looking more and more like a software issue. Many reports of HWS u221 and Hopper 3 u331 problems. Not with everyone, though.
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    U331 Software Release for the hopper 3 dvr

    I have 2 hoppers with sling. Both have 2tb external drives connected. One of them no longer sees the ext. In my troubleshooting, I discovered that the visible ext hd can be seen by both hoppers, but the other can't be seen by either. Also, neither hopper will recognize a usb device attached...
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    External Hard Drive Help

    I thought that I would add that my Family Room Hopper w/sling's external drive works on both my Hoppers. It has been connected for over 2 years. The external drive on my new hopper worked fine on the install day. I can;t get either Hopper to recognize another external drive.
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    External Hard Drive Help

    I also wanted to follow up on Dish telling me that a $100 activation fee is required when you upgrade your receiver.
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    External Hard Drive Help

    I guess I will try not to panic and just be patient.
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    External Hard Drive Help

    My software version is U221
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    External Hard Drive Help

    Yesterday I upgraded my Hopper to a Hopper/wsling. I had an external drive connected. It was recognized by the new Hopper and I was able to restore some of my programs to my new Hopper. This morning the usb external drive was no longer recognized. I called Dish and we did troubleshooting to...
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    Two Hoppers vs Hopper 3

    I currently have 2 regular hoppers and was wondering if it would be better to have a Hopper 3. My wife primarily uses one Hopper in the Family Room and I use another in my "mancave". We do watch several programs together, but many we do not. Currently when we watch a program on our respective...
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    Sharing recordings with Hopper 3 and Joey

    Thank you Tron2012 for your reply. I do have another question. We have programs that we both watch, ones that she watches, and ones that I watch. What is the best way to separate the 3 groups? I don't want to be able to see all the shows she has recorded and she doesn't care to see mine...
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    Sharing recordings with Hopper 3 and Joey

    My wife and I have a 2 Hopper setup. We are thinking about upgrading to a H3 and 1 Joey. We currently have a sort of his and her Hopper arrangement. What we want to know is how to avoid watching recordings conflicts, For example; She starts a recording on the H3 and watches 1/2 of a program...