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    Moto 3416 Get's a New Look

    And where may I ask did you get that information? A good source that works for Comcast in Central PA told me that information on DCX boxes.
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    Comcast NJ II/Union additions & changes coming 5/15, plus some other news

    Woohoo! That'd be my area! Bring on CNN HD, Science HD, and ESPNews HD and that's all I need!
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    Moto 3416 Get's a New Look

    Yes seriously this summer.
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    Moto 3416 Get's a New Look

    Don't bother with the DCH series, it's just a quick substitute until the DCX boxes come out this summer. Can't wait for those :) MPEG-4, 1Ghz tuner, hawt black color *salivates*
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    Any new Hd Channels due out?

    Great news for Comcast of NJ II Union customers. We will be seeing 8 new HD channels added effective 5/15. Here is the list of changes that will occur on 5/15: TCM migrate from 43 to 43,169 (digital only) Cartoon Network migrate from 72 to 72,126 (digital only) History Channel migrate from 57...
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    Comcast moving most analog to digital

    I can tell you guys the following things: SDV and DOCSIS 3.0 are en route, at least in my area. By the end of this year, in fact (DOCSIS 3.0 probably end 08/early 09, SDV late summer 08). MPEG-4...those new STB's from Moto are coming out this summer....but I wouldn't expect a mass conversion...
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    TBS HD is Coming

    Now, in my area, TBS-HD was also placed in the middle of the premium channels, channel 220. Will they do any realignment in my area that they will do in your area?
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    New Comcast HD--yada yada

    Yeah I know, I pointed that out in a response to her.
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    New Comcast HD--yada yada

    See you haven't contacted the right people. This is a response I got from Comcast. Dear Mr. Satish As always, the Northern New Jersey Comcast team is extremely focused on enhancing our customers' high-definition experience. When we last corresponded, we indicated additional HD content was...
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    New HD channels?

    TBS-HD, yes. CNN-HD, nope, and if it does come this month it will probably be October 23rd. Again, that's a big "IF" As of right now my sources in Comcast cannot tell me when they are going to launch CNNHD for us, once they finalize plans I should get more information. Also, NGCHD and NFLHD...
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    New Channels in NJ on 10/3

    Ok, TBS-HD was added today, as we all know. NHL Network is on indefinite hold, applicable to all Comcast systems. The other changes will come 10/10 except FOX Biz is coming 10/15. All has been confirmed by Comcast employees.
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    TBS HD is Coming

    Comcast of Central NJ is adding TBS-HD on 10/3 on channel 220. Now, since I'm in Comcast of NJ II, in the same county as some of the places that are getting TBS HD, what are my odds of getting it?
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    TBS HD is Coming

    Cool, now add it in the area with 2 teams about to make the playoffs instead of an area with no teams....
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    History Channel HD on Comcast On Demand

    Man our lineup sucks: 201-iNH+ (aka SNY during Mets games) 202-ESPN 203-ESPN2. 204-TNT 205-Discovery HD Theater 206-MOJO 207-VS/Golf 208-Universal 209-MHD 210- NJ Overflow (nothing comes here, always black) 212-YES 214-HD SE 215-227 Premium channels scattered 231-ABC 232-NBC 233-CBS 234-FOX...
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    Total Newbie at FTA, need help Finding Right stuff

    I've done some research and I want to get a specific channel: BBC World. It's on this satellite: Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 at 127.0°W, and the Freq./TP is 3800 V tp 5. I don't know what the second half is but that is what lyngsat has on their site. I also know this is C-band, so I need the big mesh...