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    Cancellation Question

    Hi all, I have to admit...I cancelled my dish DHP this past month and went back to comcast. I had to have local HD and comcast now offers it. I do miss my PVR. But I now have a dish 6000 & 510 sitting around doing nothing. I am planning on selling the 6000 on ebay, once I get off my ass...
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    Bear Drinks 36 Beers and Passes Out

    That is the funniest thing I have heard all week!! Great thx for the story!
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    Why are the 2004 Olympics so boring?

    The simple fact that professionals can enter the olympics really tarnished the games, and yes basketball is a good example "6. People are turned off by Pros making poses wrapped in an American flag such as our last track and field winners of 2000". I agree, in this day and age, America must...
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    painting a dish (designs)

    My installer reccommended using flat paint, no shiny or reflective paint. SO, any glossy type of coat will cause signal problems, other than that, knock yourself out. I seen people paint BUDs before so I don't see why these smaller dishes can't be painted. I was thinking about blending in my...
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    New Customer Questions

    Picture size is also a big factor, I have a 55" and the picure quality (PQ) is okay, not great with Dish, but I am comparing SDTV to HDTV. On my smaller sets, 13" to 26" the PQ is very good and I have been very satisfied
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    OTA HD without subscription to satellite HD ?

    If you have a TV that has an integrated tuner then you can watch OTA HD channels irregardless of having satellite or cable for that matter.
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    Denver NBC affiliate announces HD helicopter

    FYI. The local news channel (9News) here in Denver is broadcasting in HD. It looks great, the detail is outstanding. And to see Kathy Sabine (who has guest appeared on the Today Show several times) is a hottie and in HD looks even better. 9news will now start broadcasting HD pictures...
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    who has the best receivers?

    I only have dish receivers so I can't comment on D* or Voom. But I am just behind the "leading edge" on Dish's receivers. I own the 6000, 510 and 301s and I have had flawless operation. With the exception of re-acquiring satellite on the 6000 when I watch OTA channels, or having the guide...
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    Splitting the coax output of a DVR 5XX

    It that right you can run the 5XX signal to the 6000? Now that is interesting. I am currently splitting my 508 to two sets, so another may not work, but interesting that you can do that. good to know
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    Deadwood on HBOHD last Sunday

    I tried watchind deadwood last the HD is great, but alot of talking and talking and swearing and swearing. this episode had some guy running around naked at the whorehouse screaming and hollering. Didn't need to see that in HD!! I couldn't catch on what was going on...but I am...
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    For those of you who got CBS-HD...

    Here is number you can call at echostar, she is in the waiver dept. Here name is Susie, it is (303) 723-3664. I hope I am not breaking any laws by posting this business phone #. But that is all she does is waivers for HD. Good Luck! --shich
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    For those of you who got CBS-HD...

    That'a the down-side. Previously, I tried to get CBS-HD and talked to CRS who said I was not eligiblie, plain and simple, so I took their word. After further investigation and help from this forumn (THANKS SATELLITE GUYS) I now have CBS-HD. So, you must be educated going into the realm of...
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    For those of you who got CBS-HD...

    I now have CBD-HD after two phone calls It was simple and fast. I. I emailed by local affiliate regarding a waiver. They forwarded the request to the approporiate people 2. They called me and got the info they needed, they faxed the waiver to dish 3. Dish called me the next day...
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    Audio and Video Intermittently Out of Sync

    Yep, I seen it too. My HD channels, especially the OTA - HD signal is sometimes out of sync. Not all the time, but sometimes. With the technology in it's infancy this is what we have to deal with (for now). You just have to get used it. Reminds me of when USA network had Kung-Fu thearte...
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    Local Channel Quality

    I must say in Denver the PQ for locals is very good. I have a 6000 and getting the picture by running SD signal through the component cables and the SD PQ is very good, even on a 55" projection TV. So, we are pretty lucky in the that the locals here in Denver are very good. --Shich