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    Ku band 4DTV receivers ?

    channel maps are supposed to be sent on all DCII channels and you can get an autorisation hit on x4 channels.
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    What kind of pole?

    I like to use "schedule 40" (thick and heavy duty) steel pipe. Purchase from a plumbing supply house or a steel dealer.
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    help with motorola dsr 920 Phone: 828-465-9968 Authorized Motorola®/General Instrument®Service Center
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    Help with 4DTV positioner

    check the voltage from the back of the unit between terminals labled m1 - m2 it should be about 30v dc when the dish is trying to move and 0 v when at rest
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    Sidecar 905...

    truckracer- very interesting - How many channels are you getting scpc? I think which unit you get is a personal judgment call. Each has advantages and disadvantages. For instance the 920 remote has uhf capability the 905 does not. The 920 is more family friendly over the 905 being only one...
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    Sidecar 905...

    partyharty- try good old e bay, ats electronics or skyvision. A side car isn't that much cheaper than a used 920 and it will move your dish. It is really nice to just pick a channel from the guide hit enter and have the dish move and tune the channel for you. A 920 with a blind scan dvb reciever...
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    Sidecar 905...

    also note that a side car unit is designed to work with an "existing c band analog reciever"
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    Complete Review- Fortec Star Mercury II

    Nice review thank you. What does the unit do with new transponders found? Does it just dump them into one of the channel favorites groups or can you delete repeats and garbage before saving? Thanks
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    I bought Eagle Aspen's for both my c and ku feeds. They have been in use for a few years (north east heat/cold)with no problems. I here the Norsats are really a cut above but they are costly. I'm saving up for the Norsats and when I get them I'll keep the Eagle Aspin's as spares.
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    Home Depot Coax......Any good?

    I'm still working on a 500' roll I bought from them years ago. No problems indoor or out. I have found that good cable is important, but the cable ends are really important. I have been using Snap n seals and think it's a really good product.
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    Actuator Recommendations ?

    "Stay away from SuperJacks actuators" ..... I have been using the 36" superjack that came with my dish for several years without any problems. YMMV
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    An easy C-band qusestion?

    Mark Long you have an open invitation to stop by my house anytime for dinner and help me peak out my dish ;)
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    American Life on G4R?

    It is free as long as your 4dtv- DCII unit is turned on for something - but their is no subscription fee for it. Combat is great :)
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    Satworks.....alive And Well

    I still really like my good old 3618. I had an ultra and now have a coolsat and still like to use the satworks for scanning and just erase everything when i'm done. I really don't like the way these units add everything they find into your main channel list.
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    C Band LNB Question

    I'll add another vote for eagle aspens. I use them for both c and ku and they have worked great for me.