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    If you have the OTA adapter, try tuning to an OTA channel on the Joey for a minute or so until the pixelation quits. Then return to whatever channel you originally wanted. This idea is not original to me but seems to work.
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    Channel Request OAN

    FWIW, I pretty much wish the same thing.
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    Does Dish Network have any OTA dongles for the Hopper 3 that have MORE than two tuners? What's the max amount of tuners I can get for OTA?

    At least one person on this thread has has good results with the Tablo device. Has anyone used the Amazon tuner? We already have firesticks on both TVs.
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    joey pixilation when using ota on hopper

    I've had this problem with the wireless Joey but not Hopper. The Joey will pixelate on satellite channels while the OTA tuner is installed. I believe it is a software problem. Some earlier threads with similar symptoms suggested that tuning the Joey to an OTA channel for a minute or so would...
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    joey's glitch

    My opinion is this is a software problem. I have something very similar with the wireless joey.
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    Hopper 3 upgrade

    So, how do you get to Dish Loyalty etc. What number did you call or who did you ask for?
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    How to control volume on wireless bluetooth earbuds

    Before I would buy a dedicated bluetooth transmitter just to get volume control I would consider buying earphones that have built in volume controls saving the AirPods for use with the phone. You might also check to if your TV offers bluetooth audio.
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    Broadband Internet Over Power Line for Rural Areas

    BPL was never a good solution being plagued by a lot of problems including interference to radio comms and interference from radio comms, poor bandwidth to the consumer and high cost. Bridging distribution transformers for data is especially expensive. BPL has been mostly abandoned. However...
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    Dish anywhere

    Wasted hours of my time fooling with and reinstalling the android app along with losing stored programs. Poor communications from a supposed comms company.
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    DISH OTA antenna

    FYI, I've had the white AirTV usb tuner for about a week. Took a day for the TV guide to sort itself out but it's working well with the outside OTA antenna I installed myself. Thanks again. Still have the local service enabled through the satellite but only plan to keep it until after the...
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    adapter running hot?

    I just bought one of the AirTV white models. Working very well.
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    DISH OTA antenna

    Thank you. I'm going to give it a try.
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    DISH OTA antenna

    So the white $29.99 tuner shown at the bottom of the air tv web page is identical to the Dish tuner costing $59.99 ?
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    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    I've thought of disabling those buttons myself either by cutting traces or perhaps removing the conductive surface from the buttons. All this is speculation because I haven't yet opened the remote. Would you share what you did?
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    Netflix ???

    Many others have had stability issues with Netflix on the Hopper. If you subscribe to the 4K Netflix service a number of shows are available in 4K HDR. I'm not sure if the Hopper will stream Netflix at 4K. My recommendation is to forgo using the Hopper for Netflix since you have a TV that will...