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    8/12/2010 12:05pm - Uplink Activity Report - 3 changes

    Glad to see Dish only uplinked just a few channels instead of several.
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    New HD Markets Delayed a Day

    Wichita finally lauched, but no HD CW.......
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    New HD Markets Delayed a Day

    I was just pissed that Wichita wasn't launched today, sorry Scott, I was taking it out on to you
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    New HD Markets Delayed a Day

    It wasn't just a few markets that were supposed to launch today, but several markets. Please get your facts right, Scott.
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    DIRECTV Offers More Soccer Then Ever Before

    Big deal! give your customers some real HD channels, at least try and match Dish!
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    New HD local markets being launched

    Thanks Dish, finally HD LOCALS FOR WICHITA, KS!!!!!!!!! I've waited so long!
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    New HD local markets being launched

    Wichita hd locals Is PBS going to be in hd? Thanks
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    7/21/2010 3:26pm - Uplink Activity Report - 23 changes

    Have the HD Wichita locals launched yet?
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    7/19/2010 4:20pm - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    Has the Wichita hd locals launched yet? Thanks
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    7/14/2010 2:05pm - Uplink Activity Report - 33 changes

    Yes, the Wichita HD PBS is uplinked!,,,,
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    Davenport Iowa DMA HD locals

    How about the Wichita hd locals, Iam still waiting!
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    DIRECTV to present All Star Game in 3D

    I don't give care about 3D, give us more hd or at least match Dish!
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    6/16/2010 2:45pm - Uplink Activity Report - 164 changes

    Remember Charlie, if the Wichita HD locals are not on by the end June, I will sign with DTV and get rid of Dish.
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    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Please close this thread, DTV has no more new HD channels, thanks