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    Splitting coax line

    SD will work just fine. It's an older TV too. Thank you for your input.
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    Splitting coax line

    I have a Hopper 3 with three Joeys. Total four TV are hooked up. Is there any way I can split one of the coax lines off to run straight to another TV that is in the bathroom. I used to have a VIP722K and it worked just fine.
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    Hopper Upgrades

    I would like to upgrade. I configuration is I have a Vip622 for my TV and the kitchen. And a Vip722 for the bedroom and the spare bedroom. My wife watches and has her own programs so I would not want to interfere with her watching. What would be my best configuration?
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    SD versus HD

    Ok, I crawled up to the dish and moved it just a smidgeon. The signal on 110 went up to 65. But it is still iffy. But 119 and 129 are somewhat less. will call tech. thanks
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    SD versus HD

    Thanks for quick response. No trees in way. satellite 119 is 65, 110 is 41, and 129 is 45. Channels keep switching from HD to SD on 110 and 129 and I can't lock in 129.
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    SD versus HD

    Just recently when go to watch my local channel and some cable channels, the TV switches from HD to SD "signal loss on HD channel, tuning to SD equivalent." I go to my point dish and it is on satellite 110 with a 44 signal. I switch to 119 and I get a 66 signal. But it won't stay on the 119...
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    Whats up?

    Why can I get neil Diamond on channel three over the air, but I can't get neil Diamond on the same channel three through the internet? Doesn't make sense. It's the Love channel three on both listings. I can even get neil Diamond on channel 6003 on my Dishnetwork but not on the internet on my...
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    Intermittent Running of VIP722

    Approx. 2 or 3 times a day my wifes VIP722 will begin running on it's own. Not the reboot running but a low hum in the background (no lights). It takes a soft reboot to end the hum. It bugs her and in turn I must get bugged. I'm sure you understand. I have the software reset set for 0900...
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    Sacramento Locals

    Whatever happened to the Sacramento Locals in HD? Every time I go to channesl 3, 10, 13, 40 and 58 in the evening after 5pm I get two screens. 1st the transponder screen and then the screen changes to the "we are working on it" screen. During the day the channels snap right up and are working...
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    I downloaded the episode 105 last night. It took about a hour to download. It was the first time I used my set at 1080p and it was gorgeous. I have a 42 inch Sharp and VIP 722
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    Who has L610 on his/her 722 and NO CH501?

    622 here too and no L610 or 501. patience patience patience Grrrrrr
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    8 New HD RSN Channels Added 7/11

    Any news about "Fox Sports Bay Area" and/or "Comcast Sports Net. West (Sacramento)"? Are they in the pipeline? Or even thought of?
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    Apply Here To Win A Dish 222 Receiver!

    "I want to review the 222 receiver for SatelliteGuys and DishStore.NET" My wife is wearing out the 622 and I need a receiver of my own. I will give it a thourgh test. It will go great in my theater room.
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    Channel 6399

    Dish lists my local channels. One of them is 6399 See listing: But I can't find it anywhere. I tried updating my PG but it never showed up. Am I seeing things?
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    SatelliteGuys 1000th Day Giveaway

    Count me in. Congratulations!!!