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    Review: AT&T U-VERSE

    Interesting product. Thanks Scott for the review. I can only see 2 problems and both are driven by the same decision. The a t and t people are somewhat handcuffed by their leaders- stupid, cost only, short sided decisions about internet speed. To even offer the highly laughable 1.5Mbs internet...
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    Directv Press Conference Recap

    Don: When you do, Please let them know you are speaking for me as well.
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    Directv Press Conference Recap

    I'm not going to give up hope until the Vista launch on the 29th. This thing is a Vista thing after all. Notice how most all of the Hardware people who are doing Vista stuff are not saying's only 21 days away.
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    When are the new HD channels arriving?

    I agree, No major rollouts until Summer 2007 and none for those who do not have MPEG 4 systems.
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    Slimline Install

    He was not so gently trying to remind you to update your location in your profile.....You might also note he is in the Atlanta area as well, and might just want a slimline.....
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    No TNTHD for Sunday Ticket? TNT takes the Hit

    Ok this is nuts..... Lets see here.... The Official Satellite Provider of NASCAR decides to preempt the first 2 weeks of the Chase (20%) in HD , even though HD pak customers are paying for the channel, even though the DTV parent is one of the main NASCAR broadcast partners, they do this without...
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    New 5lnb are there many customers?

    He's in the Atlanta area so that would be Ka Locals- I'm betting that we are going to find that the rain fade is a result of the installers not having the dish pointed correctly....
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    Orlando Mpeg-4 Local HD's Are Live

    They claim they have the only HD radar in the US!
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    DirecTV's Plans for 2006/2007

    Not that we will ever see it here in Melbourne.....but they do have it over in Tampa...looks to be making BrightHouse get off their butts and get their act together....
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    Think FX will be in HD any time soon?

    All NASCAR TV production is done in HD by NASCAR Digital Images.....what we see is dependant on who is feeding it to us.
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    Fox net buy Turner South

    Turner South is not available to us here in Florida...I had when I was in Atlanta.
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    MPEG4 HD DVR and Home Media Center news:

    The card will be HD compatible and I'd bet MCE only
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    5 LNB Dish Mounting Question

    There is no reason why you can not install it in the same location that the 3 lnb is installed now.
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    MPEG4 HD DVR and Home Media Center news:

    Only announcement is "this year" I'd look for it Q4 for the holiday selling season along with Vista I should note that I'm guessing that the device will be a USB style rather than a PCI card. The Intel/Directv announcment mentioned laptops and we have seen the Cablecard device and it's USB...