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    Stocked up on Green Chiles Today

    Made chicken enchiladas with Hatch chiles, and Hatch green chile rice - both delicious!! Tom in TX
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    Happy 8th Birthday To SatelliteGuys.US!

    Congrats to Scott & PG!! Tom in TX
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    Scott - It's a small world!

    Something from Colo4 (whatever that is!). Tom
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    Scott - It's a small world!

    Scott - I work for a direct mail shop (junk mail), and one of our printers jammed, and the operator brought me a sample of the last letter printed. I looked at it, and it was for Scott Greczkowski in CT!! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you (and Prize Goddess) at Team Summit at The...
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    There are plenty of citizens of Mexico, that are employed here in the United States. So, "our laws here for healthcrae" DO have a bearing on non-U.S. citizens. Tom in TX
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    What's For Lunch?

    I just had a delicious, big, fat, juicy, vine-ripened, homegrown tomato. Sliced with a little salt & pepper. Nothing better than a real tomato! Makes the summer heat a little more tolerable! My garden is producing a very good crop this year! Tom in TX
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    home plug for 722 internet

    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, you only need the one unit on the router side. It puts the internet connection onto your power line. The 722 has Homeplug built in. You just plug the 722 into the outlet, and you should be good to go! Tom in TX
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    Team Summit Next Week

    Ask Charlie if he's coming back to Gaylord Texas next year for the Summit! I'd love to see him, you, and the Prize Goddess again!! Tom in TX
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    RIP Danny Gans

    My wife, and I, saw him 5-6 years ago. We really enjoyed the show. He was an exteremely talented man, and an excellent entertainer. I guess that's why he was named Vegas' "Entertainer of the Year' ELEVEN straight years! A loss for Las Vegas, for sure. Tom in TX
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    The Once and Future Beans

    Sounds delicious, I'll have to give it a try! What would you serve this with? Have them as a "side" or, the main course? Tom in TX
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    What type of dog do you have?

    Rebel - my 10 year old Brittany. My best buddy! Tom in TX
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    HD channel weirdness

    They showed up on my two 622's a few days ago. When I select one of these channels, it goes black for a little bit, then says something like "We are aware of the problem... you can watch non-locals..." Even though it wasn't a "local" channel I tried to tune to. Then I get the aquiring sat...
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    HD Dish in N Texas

    I would think McKinney would be in the D/FW viewing area. Tom in TX
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    Holiday Greeting Thread

    Merry Christmas to all!