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    12 foot rebuild... - Attempting to bring it back from the ashes

    Get her ready for those 16apsk signals, when weather allows. I think more of them are coming.
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    Get my new dish today

    Im happy to have a fixed (extra) c-band dish on 101, so when I get a Me-TV urge, there's no wait for the motor to move to it, haha. Plus those other me-owned channels are there also, I thought they were going away but they still seem to be up. Of course there's also 99w for me, and cozi on...
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    The dish messes I can get in...

    I'd let that guy find his own cleanup man , lol. The ones that can talk a good bs line are the ones to really watch out for, usually they are really scheming to use you.
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    Digital Breakup on 101 C Band

    Hey shicks4 I didn't word my message exactly clearly>I lost those channels too, even on the big dish. I checked after I posted that message late, and none of them would work for me. I still got Me-tv though, and I guess the movies channel is still on 99west but I haven't looked at it today to be...
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    Printable satellite chart

    Thanks bpalone, and migold both those are very nice.
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    Digital Breakup on 101 C Band

    Shicks4 in another thread I mentioned the heat problem with those X2 boxes. Walmart has a 10-11dollar laptop cooler that will keep that little rec working better. I have one of them also, works well for about 45min then it starts doing really crazy things-it just gets too hot without a fan on it...
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    My New Dish Farm

    Crazy wiring! I wonder how many of them I could've done before I threw it all down and yelled "This is Spaghetti!!!" lol
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    New to KU-Band FTA

    If the OP hasn't done it already, you can put a cheap laptop cooler under that little heater (M1 receiver) and works well to cool it. And I hope he figured out to set the LO for his standard lnbf back to 10750 instead of universal. Wallyworld has a $10 laptop cooler that did the trick for my...
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    FTA System Install

    Yes they are trickier than a big prime focus dish. Having one of those little angle-finders with the magnetic base helps too.
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    Printable satellite chart

    Thanks for the replies-gave me some ideas at least. I think I will have to create what I'm needing-something like the lyngsat list, but I want to add the elevation for each at my location. That would save me going in and out to punch up dishpointer when I'm aiming one of these 4 fixed dishes.
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    Printable satellite chart

    Anyone know of a chart with the US satellite positions/names that I can print out? Don't care if it comes out to several pages, would just like to have something I can take out to the dish when I'm tinkering (no laptop/wifi) Something like the chart they used to put in the old satellite Orbit...
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    J. C. Whitney, 1990

    Never knew they sold those , used to buy those Whitney catalogs all the time.
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    Introduction from FTA Noobie

    Good job on the install. Tweaking the dish might get you higher readings, but every receiver is different as was said before. Take the dish/rec/tv out to the dish and you'll have much better luck with the minor adjustments. And welcome to the forum.
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    FTA System Install

    Congratulations Freddy=you have succeeded in what is probably the toughest part of your system setup. If you remember that the dish is "offset" and always looks to me like its looking at the horizon, shouldn't have any more problems! Unless a tree is in the path of your favorite satellite, lol...
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    what type of dish is this?

    Old fiberglass that's fell over, looks to me. Never saw one quite shaped like it though.