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    SiriusXM vs. Dish CD...who's listening?

    I'll take the Dish CD/Muzak channels any day. Sirius/XM is too much like terrestrial radio with many of the same songs over and over. But when I listen to music its either CD's, .wav files or sometimes even good old vinyl.
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    No Info Available on Guide

    No guide data on my 722 either. I even did a reboot and still no data.
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    12/7/2011 5:16pm - Uplink Activity Report - 164 changes

    Reelz does have some true HD content and for the second time (last short term HD run a few months ago was the first) we are actually watching it around here. Too bad its' going away soon.
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    NFL Redzone

    Hope Zach can help you. Mary B hooked me up the other day and I must concur-the DIRT team is a credit to Dish and to Satellite Guys! Thanks again!
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    Most Wanted HD Channels

    Fox Movie Channel-HD IFC-HD
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    Can I split TV2 signal this way? *Picture inside*

    One thing I found was that setting the TV2 modulator output to a lower channel help the PQ after a long RG6 run and a splitter. This is done easily in the receiver by going to menu-6-1-5 for modulator setup. Channel 60 was the default but I have had much better quality using 21 (TV1) and 24...
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    Free Cinemax for 1 month

    Still got it here too.
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    Are Seagate drives still problematic as external drive?

    I have 4 Free Agents (got the 4th yesterday) with sleep mode disabled that I use with the 722 and I have been happy with them. The Maxtor drive I used for a while-not so much.
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    DISH HD Migration off of 61.5

    They really haven't prepared for the migration well at all. This past weekend my brother moved his account to his new home. At his previous house (same DMA) he had the mixed arc setup-he just never got around to arguing his way to an EA dish-but when he called about the Dish mover program he...
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    Redzone question?

    I had it in SD all last season as well for no cost. I guess it remains to be seen if they catch it this year. I will be willing to pay for the multi sports pack if I have to though-that channel alone is worth it especially here in NFL purgatory of central Arkansas.
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    Only seeing 110 on both satellites

    Did you set the skew properly?
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    ESPN classic now green in my guide ?

    Oh well, just another channel that I found myself occasionally watching that will be blocked now. Hope this change doesn't cause E* another lawsuit.
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    More HD to move from 61.5 to 72.7?

    Any idea why E* is saying that Buffalo, N.Y. isn't in the footprint of the 72.7 satellite? I've been trying to get my folks upgraded and we are told they cannot receive 72 up there. Has anyone else had this happen? As near as I can tell from looking at the maps they should be fine. We have...
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    KPLO Pierre, SD tower collapses

    It's not only the weight on the tower itself but on the antenna. Many FM antennas have multiple bays on one side of the tower and ice will build up on each one. An FM station I do engineering work for lost the top 80 feet of the 500 foot tower in an ice storm last year due to the weight on the...
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    OK who has been a E sub the longest?

    Got Dish in 98 after Prime Star folded and I didn't want D*. Per channel E* was cheaper at the time (and still is now I believe). They also continue to have more movie channels.