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    HD-DVRs are soooo slow

    I have 3 HD DVRs in my house. Two HR23's and one HR21. Using them feels like using a computer running Windows ME on hardware from 1992. They're so laggy it's unbearable. Navigating through the menus takes forever, as does changing channels. And of course there's my favorite, when it's so...
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    Installer won't mount dish on the roof

    It is a shingled roof.
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    Installers thinking they can do what they want

    Your mother got very lucky. She should have gone after the tenants, and she needs to have something about it in the lease that she makes them sign.
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    Installer won't mount dish on the roof

    My installer came the other day to set up my new service. My back yard is pretty small, and he could not find a place to mount the dish such that it would still have line of sight to all the satellites. He told me he would be unable to do the install unless I had some trees removed. I asked him...
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    Whoops, I said that backwards. It's $10/mo for 24 months, not $24/mo for 10 months.
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    Well, I finally got a hold of someone that could help me. Still wouldn't budge on Superfan, but made up for it with some other free stuff. Here's what I got: Premiere Package + Sunday Ticket AAA discount $24/mo for 10 months Free HD DVR Free HD Receiver Free Standard Receiver Free DVR Service...
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    Yep, I dunno how you guys do it. Just called in a couple times and no luck. They had no problem giving away the year of Showtime, but as soon as I mentioned getting Superfan for free she said no way. I told her a friend had gotten for free, she said it never happened, they've never given it...
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    New Fall Offer - Save BIG $ - Plasma Concepts

    Does that stack with the Sunday Ticket deal?
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    New Fall Offer - Save BIG $ - Plasma Concepts

    Will this stack with the other deals floating around like $50 off from a referral and the AAA discount?
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    Potential new downrezzed HD a thing of the past?

    I was really close to signing up for Directv last year during their Sunday Ticket promotion, but ended up passing after seeing the downrezzed HD in person at a relative's house. Now, I know they've launched some new satellites that have added a ton of new HD channels, but are the new channels...
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    What's the deal with DirecTv's lease?

    Funny, because a certain *ahem* other company manages to install everything for you for free without any commitment, and gives you the receivers free of charge as well (another several hundred dollars D* is getting upfront). Note: I'm not a customer of this other company, just a frustrated...
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    300 BD outsells HDDVD 300 2 to 1(if it was a surprise)

    I'm format neutral and picked up 300 on BD mainly because it was $5 cheaper and I loathe combos. That said, I think 2:1 sales numbers of this film are a bit of a disappointment for BD given what was going on heading in. BD sales in general were better than 2:1 heading into the July 31st week...
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    How's This Deal For A Returning Cust?

    Wow, good job with the free HD-DVR's, how the heck did you pull that off? Who do you talk to as a returning customer? I'm a new customer looking to sign up, and have probably called no less than a dozen times this point and every single person has said there's absolutely no way possible to...
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    Extra line during install.

    Except that if I so much as tell them I wanted a 100% free standard receiver hooked up to that line you're running that exact same cable to that exact same place for your much maligned price of free, hence the advertisement for it being free in up to 4 rooms. If they're going to offer free...
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    Extra line during install.

    Are you saying to include the receiver on the order and then cancel that receiver before the guy shows up? I haven't actually placed any order yet, were you thinking I had and was trying to change it now? How would I go about returning the receiver to them, do I have to pay a fee to ship it...