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    How do I contact the dirt team, and what issues can they help ?

    How do I contact the dirt team, and what issues can they help ?
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    Confused between Denon or Yamaha options for a mid-range receiver...

    I was reading the new issue of Home Theater Magazine (January 2011), and they recommend Yamaha rx-a2000 and Denon AVR 4810CI but they feature the Pioneer vsx-1120 as a 5 star for performance, value,ergonomics and features. I have not compared audio because I am a year away from a purchase...
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    Confused between Denon or Yamaha options for a mid-range receiver...

    Pioneer VSX-1120-K Receiver ?? "Works with iPhone"-certified, USB/Composite video cable included; free iControlAVR iPhone app available for control of receiver with iPhone Support for latest HDMI spec (3-D ready) with 1080p upscaling, plus DTS-HD®, Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, and...
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    722 Death

    My 722k is dropping the signal every 5 minutes, then not responding to remote control input. Dish is sending a tech today to diagnose or replace it. Would a 722 , 722k or 622 be more reliable ?
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    Problems with 722

    See: Dish Network - Technical Discussions The 722K OTA Bug Try deleting the channels the channels that lose signal.
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    The 722K OTA Bug

    I now have the same problem, so I will also delete the problem OTA channel, I am glad I read your post.
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    722k Receiver OTA Problem (multipath) in Los Angeles

    I am getting an error code of 739 on only one of my ota stations (07-01) My other ota locals are fine with my outdoor anetnna. I . I have an atennuator attached to the OTA input, but no help. I did a hard reset twice , then rescanned all locals twice, and I still get the same error code...
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    Appeals Court Finds Echostar in Contempt in TIVO Case

    TiVo may partner with Echostar Another loss, brighter future, expected from TiVo March 8, 2010 9:12 AM ET advertisement TiVo Inc. is expected to report a fifth consecutive quarterly loss after the markets close Monday but there is new optimism for the company's future...
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    5.3 ir remote stopped working after 6 months

    I have a 722k dvr, and my 5.3 remote stopped working today.This is after working fine for 6 months. I had an brand new 5.3 and that one also did not work today. Dish support had me try the new 20.0 ir remote that came with the 722. It would also not work, so dish is sending a 21.0 remote...
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    Dish Pricing Update

    I got my February rate quote by sending an e-mail to and bcc to The return e-mail address was from:
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    HD Picture Quality

    I noticed the improvement on a 65 inch Mits 1080 p display on several HD channels. White Collar series and Taken were excellent . Not as good as Voom was however.
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    HD Picture Quality

    I too have noticed clearly improved HD PQ over the last 10 days. I was looking to switch to FIOS but may stay with Dish if this trend continues.
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    WWE unveils unlikely list of guest hosts for RAW

    Trish Stratus was my favorite guest host. She even won her match. Bring back Trish
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    Early cancellation fee?

    From Sky Report A Bad Day for DIRECTV Some days you just can’t win and Tuesday was definitely one of those for DIRECTV. While rival DISH enjoyed an up-day (see yesterday’s Evening BRIDGE), DIRECTV took a double-whammy from its NFL Sunday Ticket woes plus a consumer lawsuit over allegedly...
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    TIVO vs E*

    TiVo shares soar after 'major victory' in court: TiVo shares soar after 'major victory' in court -