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    Dish 622 L4.06 Software Release Notes

    I've been gone from the site for awhile. Has the 5.1 audio via HDMI, been fixed?
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    Friday The 13th Cinemax Hd Suprise? No, But a May 4th Debut!

    MLB IE is different? The RSN's are those channels in the Multi Sport Package. I read that if you arew sub'd to the HD channels you get all the HD RSN's. I believe it was posted here. I have the Everything Pack with HD's and am not getting the HD RSN's.
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    Official Dallas Get Together Sign Up Sheet

    Username: WJMorales Real Name: Werner J. Morales
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    Friday The 13th Cinemax Hd Suprise? No, But a May 4th Debut!

    What package qualifies for all the RSN in HD?
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    VIP-622 DVR 5.1 audio via HDMI putput?

    Dish Tech Service has also confirmed this! Dish Network is really starting to get as bad as Comcast. Their hardware units always have flaws. I guess the question that remains, can this be fixed via software? Or are we going to have to buy another super advanced unit, with more flaws?
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    VIP-622 DVR 5.1 audio via HDMI putput?

    Does the VIP-622 DVR pass thru 5.1 audio via the HDMI output to the audio receiver? I personally have not experienced this problem, but then again my Onkyo receiver up converts the audio.
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    Info on Dish Networks New Adult Channels

    Some states black out certain movies durning certain hours.
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    L3.40 Firmware for VIP211

    VIP-211 downloded L.340. HDMI worked fine only the first time I connected the cable, upon turning off the VIP-211, I lost the audio. I tried unplugging the HDMI cable. I lost both video & audio.
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    Complete Loss of Signal From 61.5

    Has anyone currently lost signal from the 61.5 satellite?
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    Uplink Activity for Wed July 26th 2006

    I also wish you well and stay safe. Thanks for everything you have done here and what you will be doing for are country and freedom!
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    L3.60 Released For VIP-622

    07/26/2006: 1148 Software Version L3.60 for ViP 622 DVR Effective Thursday, July 27th, Engineering plans to spool the FULL PHASE of software version L3.60 for the ViP 622 DVR receiver. This is primarily a non-forced maintenance release available at ALL satellite locations. At this time...
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    VIP 211 & Philips 42PF9630A/37 Plasma HDTV

    I am not getting audio output through HDMI port with the above mentioned setup. The only way I can regain audio output is by disconnecting the HDMI cable and reconnecting it. Anyone with this issue? I've tried reseting the VIP 211 (cold & warm boot). Changing channels.
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    Additional Service Fees

    That what I thought too..... I have a 622 & 211. I don't get charged for the extra receiver.
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    Additional Service Fees

    Are the Additional Receivers Access Fees Waived when you subscribe to Dish HD Platinum?
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    622 Sound Issue

    I too had "fewer" audio drop outs. My software version has not changed and I have not heard about any software upgrades.