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    3 Months free Starz & HD Platinum

    Chatted with Customer Service today and got Starz free for 3 months. Awesome!
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    I Don't get this ad for NFL Redzone

    If I remember correctly, the RedZone channel was free during Week 1 of the NFL regular season last year.
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    Multi-sport package

    Called E* yesterday to add the MultiSport package (website wouldn't let me add it for some reason) and, sure enough, I now have channels 154 and 155. Just in time for me to watch by beloved Redskins. Thanks for your help!
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    Multi-sport package

    Seems like an old link. I'm currently subscribed to AT120+. Can anyone here confirm that I'll get NFL Network by adding the Multi-Sports pack? I know I'll get NFL RedZone but what about NFL Network (Channel 154)? That would be great as it would save me $ from not having to upgrade to AT200.
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    722k Update

    I hope to get this update soon as I've been having much trouble getting my UHF to work from upstairs. The problem started a couple months ago, I've even had the remote replaced to no avail. My receiver is currently at L656.
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    Seen this 722k issue before?

    I apologize up front if this issue has been posted recently, I searched but didn't find exactly what I'm experiencing... So, today when I turned my 722k on, it switched from the screensaver to a black screen. The info was accurately displaying at the top of the screen (channel, show title...
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    More info on NFL RedZone on Dish

    Thought the Red Zone coverage was great too. From time to time, they would even switch to a game that wasn't inside the 20. I've had Sunday Ticket in the past and I can honestly say that with the Red Zone channel, I felt like I didn't miss a thing.
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    How do you scroll Dish Remote Grid

    With IE8, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse (if it has one).
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    102 minutes that changed...

    Glad you were able to record it. I thought 102 Minutes That Changed America was absolutely incredible.
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    HD-DVR confusion

    Very good. Thank you.
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    HD-DVR confusion

    I called up the folks at The Dish Store to signup today. I'm glad I did but, after reading thread after thread, I'm getting more and more confused and the 722k... I had asked the gentlemen @ The Dish Store for a VIP722 since it already has a built-in OTA tuner but he said that my local...
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    Was this explained to me wrong DVR Dual Tuner

    Exactly what I needed to know, thanks.
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    Was this explained to me wrong DVR Dual Tuner

    Suppose I don't have an OTA antenna. What's going to happen when she tries to change channels? Will she get a warning saying that both sat tuners are busy or will it interrupt my viewing and/or recording?
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    Was this explained to me wrong DVR Dual Tuner

    I'm considering swithing to *E and these Duo receivers are blowing my mind. Let's say I have a 722, an HDTV downstairs and a SDTV upstairs. Let's also say I'm downstairs recording 'Seinfeld' and watching 'Monday Night Football'. Now, one of my daughters goes upstairs to watch the Disney...
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    So who is subscribing to NFL ST+SF next year?

    I'll subscribe again if they throw in SF for free. If not, I'm out.