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    OTA wiring question - simple setup

    Hey, I want to purchase an OTA antenna and have a question before buying. I plan on doing a outside antenna running it to my 722. I have just one receiver running 2 TV's. Is there a way to connect the OTA antenna to the cable already running to the TV without having to run another cable down...
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    722 Audio Pop

    I just got a 722 a couple of weeks ago and keep noticing an audio pop, comes and goes and sometimes a bunch of pops together. I don't have an HD tv yet so I'm using the RCA red/white cables on TV1 and coax on TV2. Any suggestions on what to do before I call Dish?
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    HomePlug built into the 622, How cool is that?

    Thanks, I picked up a set of two tonight on Ebay for $50. I'll start with one but have the second one if needed. Thanks for all your help.
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    HomePlug built into the 622, How cool is that?

    So, I'll have a Homeplug on both ends both with an ethernet cable?
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    HomePlug built into the 622, How cool is that?

    I just switched to Dish Network and got this 722 receiver and trying to figure out which way to go. I see this - TRENDnet TEW-450APB 108Mbps 802.11g Wireless Access Point - Retail at NewEgg. Would any wireless access point work with the receiver as long as it has the ethernet...
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    R15 Screenshots

    Does anyone have any screenshots of the guide on the R15 and the recording screens that you could post? Thanks
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    Thinkin about switchin from Dish Network

    I got my R10 and the installer will be here Monday pm. I can't wait...
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    ‘DirecTV Plus’ DVR Hits Stores

    I went to a Circuit City and Best Buy today and both were worthless. You can't play with any receiver in the store. They just display the models and run a video on the screen telling how good DirecTV is.
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    Need Help connecting dvr 10 to computer

    I'm trying to figure out which DVR to get. I also want to add another hard drive to it or upgrade the existing one. Should I get the DVR80 or the R10? Also where can I find out how to add the other hard drive or upgrade it? Thanks
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    Thinkin about switchin from Dish Network

    Title says it all. I've had a DVR with Dish for 2 years and love it. I've got to have one with Directv too. I've been reading about the R15 and a DVR80. I'm not sure which way to go. I've never had a Tivo, just Dish Network's version of it. What's the main differences between the two...
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    Update on new Dish Home Rollout

    Is there a way to change what channels show up on dish home? I don't see Fox News on there.
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    Why do I need an installer?

    I have a friend that is upgrading to a 510 and they are just shipping it to them. It is a leased one. I upgraded to a 510 a little over a year ago and they had to send it to an installer and then the installer came over and plugged it in and left. I now want a 522 and again they insist that...
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    Blown off by installer!!

    I had an install scheduled for 12/27 for the same time slot. I finally called Dish Network around 5:30 and they said to wait a while longer. After 6pm I spent about an hour on the phone with DN trying to find out what happened and all that. Found out late that night when they called me back...
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    How to force complete update of EPG on 510

    I thought I was supposed to get 9 days with the 510 receiver? Yeah, the 9 day one.
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    How to force complete update of EPG on 510

    How can I force a complete update of the EPG on the 510 receiver? Thanks
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    Guide says one thing, channel banner says another?

    I noticed the same thing happend to me with MTV(160) the other night. I called Dish but they said there was nothing in the system showing many people having the same problem. I tried both the power button reboot and the smart card reboot and neither fixed it. They guy at Dish said it was...
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    How many days EPG info in DVR 510?

    I got a 510 several weeks ago and it used to have 9 days of program guide but since the last upgrade I have to keep forcing the download of the guide. It no longer downloads automatically. By they way, I don't turn mine off. Paul
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    PVR510 slow response to remote control

    I used to have a 4900 and was happy with it until a friend of mine got dish and he got the 310. I quickly noticed how much quicker his 310 responded to the remote then my 4900. It was a lot faster going thru the program guide on the 310 than on my 4900. SO, I recently upgraded to the 510 and...
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    Will Local OTA Schedule Show in Program Guide?

    Yeah I know but it was recording something when I went to bed.
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    Trying to get Dish for my parents.

    I would assume that the Dish Pro LNB would be installed. That's the latest and greatest. You could definately run another cable(RG-6) from that LNB without doing anything else. As far as programming I don't know. You may need to ask Dish Network or check their website. After they...
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    Will Local OTA Schedule Show in Program Guide?

    I just got my 510 receiver and I can just barely see what's coming on for the next hour. There's nothing in there beyond 2 hours on my locals and the 94xx series channels. I called Dish Network yesterday and they said that it downloads during the night and I'd have to turn off the receiver...
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    Dish customer service - worst I have seen it.

    I've just had a similiar situation happen over the last couple of days. I was scheduled for an install of a 510(upgrade from a 4900) on Friday. Got a call around 12:30 telling me that the installer was in an accident. It was rescheduled for this afternoon and they never showed. I called in...