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    finally getting ION-HD in NYC area

    Arrived this week in FiOS' New York City-area systems on channel 531. Considering how weak channel 31's OTA signal is, it's welcomed. Now if only ION had any original programming. Its schedule is mostly infomercials and preachers begging for money, off-network reruns in prime time, and the...
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    MSNBC finally coming to NYC area subscribers

    FiOS TV Finally Gets MSNBC In NY DMA Cablevision Loses Exclusive Terrestrial Distribution Rights To News Channel By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, January 28, 2010 Cablevision Systems has lost its exclusive hold on...
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    on-screen CallerID on Long Island I'm in Huntington, we're fed from the same head end, so try rebootoing your box, either from the account website or simply by unplugging the power cord, waiting 10+ seconds and plugging it back in. If you do, in fact, have Verizon phone service with Caller ID...
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    IT WORKS! The CallerID option reappeared over the holidays, I activated it, and it really works. Also includes Call Assistant web access to your voicemails, something VOIP cable providers have been providing for years. You'd think The Phone Company would have been first out of the box with...
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    now FiOS has removed the option! No longer available under DVR/Settings. Guess the rollout here in NYC area was premature.
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    Still can't get CallerID to work on TV Tried it, but resetting the box didn't help.
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    can't get it to work The Caller ID option showed up today in my DVR Settings, but when I push the "Check Availability" button, it tells me "CallerID on TV is not available because you must have CallerID on your home phone line for this." Trouble is, I DO have caller ID on my Verizon phone...
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    Anybody got the on-screen Caller ID yet?

    Verizon Debuts Caller ID On FiOS TV In Three Markets Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas Customers First To Receive Feature By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, December 10, 2009 Verizon launched its first caller ID on TV services...
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    will FiOS carry BBC America HD?

    Time-Warner Cable beat FiOS to it! from today's Multichannel News: BBC America HD Launches in NYC on TWC August 19, 2009 BBC America says it has signed a Time Warner Cable distribution pact, with New York City the first region adding the channel. It goes on the system today, on channel...
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    EPIX is coming to FiOS!

    from The Hollywood Reporter: Epix lands first carriage deal FiOS TV in five-year pact; Epix boss discusses originals By Georg Szalai July 28, 2009, 08:58 AM ET NEW YORK - Epix, the premium TV service that is a joint venture between Viacom, Lionsgate and MGM, has reached its first...
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    Ready to pay MORE?

    Looks like we FiOS customers are expected to start paying some return on Verizon's fiber investment: Verizon Sees FiOS Price Hikes Helping Margins Telco Boosted Price of Multiservice Bundles $5 to $10 in June By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, July 27, 2009 Verizon's recent price increases...
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    will FiOS carry BBC America HD?

    Don't hold your breath --NObody can see BBCA HD BBC America Says HD Launches Will Be Announced Soon High-Def Outlet Went Live Monday But Not on Cable, Satellite Systems Yet by Kent Gibbons -- Multichannel News, July 21, 2009 No launches yet for BBC...
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    will FiOS carry BBC America HD?

    The channel launches July 20th, according to this page on BBC America's website: BBC AMERICA HD - BBC America
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    New HD channels in June...

    The HD MTVNs showed-up today on Long Island And all the MTV "HD" Networks have complete guide information for the next week. Kinda makes Palladia, the Hi-Def place for MTV-VH1-CMT programs, a waste of bandwidth.
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    FiOS' answer to News 12?

    from MultiChannel News 6/16/09: Verizon Expected to Launch FiOS1 NY Next Week June 16, 2009 Local news and weather channel FiOS1 New York will launch next Monday, June 22, available exclusively to Verizon FiOS TV subscribers in the New York metropolitan area, according to a source familiar...
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    Anymore HD coming soon

    for this we waited months? They showed up yesterday in the NYC suburbs, but the channels are incredibly cheap looking with poor production values and LOTS of long commercial breaks. They, as in most commercial TV, are the real reason these channels exist. And they've borrowed a trick from...
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    Verizon and the Tru2way threat!

    Slingbox-type features coming to DVR? Judging from how the questions were worded in a FiOS questionnaire I answered last week, Verizon seems to be considering enabling customers to access the shows recorded on their DVR through the Internet, like Slingbox. Wouldn't that be kewl!:eureka
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    MLB HD

    so why is it SUBSCRIPTION ONLY? I've been receiving the Standard-Definition MLB channel from the start, so why is the HiDef version now available only to those who subscribe to the additional Sports package of channels? I'm one of the original Premier lineup subscribers (since December 2006)...
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    "Coming Soon" HD channels disappear!

    Looking at the onscreen program guide today, I noticed that all the promised HD channels that had been listed since November as "Coming Soon" were not there anymore. We're talking about NBA-HD, A&E's C/I HD, and the handful of travel/cooking/autos/pets/Spanish channels from Byron Allen's...
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    R.I.P. VOOM

    Cablevision pulled the plug on the remaining VOOM channels at 1:30 this morning.:mad:
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    HBO Comedy East HD showing AtMax HD feed

    It was a FiOS issue Don't be so quick to blame HBO for what was a FiOS problem.
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    VOOM...NO MORE!!!

    VOOM shutting down from today's MultiChannel News: Rainbow Pulls Plug On Voom HD Service Shutting Down Suite of 15 Networks By Linda Moss -- Multichannel News, 12/18/2008 4:16:00 PM Rainbow Media Holdings, blaming a loss of carriage on Dish Network and the expected lengthy litigation...
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    Free movie channels for 3 months

    from Multichannel News: Verizon Promo Offers 70 Pay Channels Free For Three Months New FiOS TV Subs Receive 90 Days Free Access To HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 11/3/2008 12:31:00 PM In a push to acquire subscribers, Verizon Communications is...
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    Is MOJO coming to FIOS?

    Mojo dead as a dodo Mojo HD To Say Bye Bye In Demand's MSO Owners Say Channel Helped Fill HD Gap -- For a While By Kent Gibbons -- Multichannel News, 10/7/2008 12:02:00 PM Mojo HD, the male-targeted, ad-supported programming outlet, is being shut down by In Demand Networks, the...
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    Mojo dead as a dodo

    For those of you hoping in futility that cable operators would let Verizon carry Mojo on Fios, the channel is being shut down: Mojo HD To Say Bye Bye In Demand's MSO Owners Say Channel Helped Fill HD Gap -- For a While By Kent Gibbons -- Multichannel News, 10/7/2008 12:02:00 PM Mojo HD...