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    Dish Customer Service - How to Contact?

    A little more info., actually we were trying to place Dish on a hold like we're done the last 2 years. Since Dish dropped Bally that has a near lock on Atl. Braves baseball games, we've put Dish on hold and subscribed to Direct TV Stream for baseball season. We've been with Dish for many years...
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    Dish Customer Service - How to Contact?

    I understand that Dish has been hacked but I need some help from their Customer Service. I've unsuccessfully tried multiple times and days to call the Dish phone number 800-333-3474 but always get a message to call at a later time. After sitting on hold for waaaay too long, I've given up each...
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    Will dish ever get Bally Sports back ?

    Big sports fans and Dish customer for many years (not in contract) living in the Atl. metro area. We currently have Dish on pause ($5/month) and subscribe to Direct TV Stream (was AT&T TV) just to be able to watch the Braves games, as well as it's $50/month cheaper. Dish Hopper has a superior...
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    Wireless Joey

    I did a search so apologies if this has been asked before. Longtime customer with latest 3rd gen. Hopper with Sling & two wired Joeys with 3 4K TV's. I also have gigabit internet. I understand they are not 4K but I'm planning to wall mount 2 flat screens and would avoid a wire on each if...
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    ESPN - Press select to your find game

    Sorry, should have included in the original post. I have a Hopper 3 with 2 Joeys with a 3 TB external hard drive connected. I asked Dish but they couldn't answer, so hopefully the experts here will know. What other functionality would disabling TV Enhancement turn off?
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    ESPN - Press select to your find game

    How to turn off annoying pop-up every min. or so? I noticed 1st time Sat. night, just checked and still pops-up. I tried pressing select, takes you to the game finder app. but pop-up continues. I called Dish & they said only way to turn off was to disable enhancements, which I don't want to do...
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    U334 is now out

    Just got off the phone with Dish, rep. stared they are aware of what this release broke and would be pushing a release tonight. So guessing they are rolling back this release to previous version. Wow, do they not test anything......
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    Hopper3 Update taking out External Hard Drives

    Mine worked fine and was available the night before the last update. I've tried all suggestions from this site but ehd is not accessible since the last update. I called Dish, the lady said many have reported issue & would add me to that list. I told her what had tried, she had no new...
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    U331 Software Release for the hopper 3 dvr

    Got the update, same issue. EHD showed up last night but does not show up after the update this morning. Tried reboots, as well as suggestion above, still nothing. Any other ideas? Also noticed another minor bug with favorite list. Sometimes when I view guide with favorite list selected...
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    No more Atlanta Braves on Sports South?

    Updates? Any updates? We're big sports fans and would greatly appreciate any news. I checked the Fox Sports South web page and the same message, no Braves Baseball in Atl. on this channel. The multiple disputes/pissing contests are getting old. If not resolved soon, will probably push me to...
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    Hopper Update Stuck

    I assume my 1st generation Hopper and 2 Joey system (ordered soon after release because my old box had issues) tried to update last night. The system seems to be stuck (switches between blue screen - searching for signal & Hopper Starting up). I 1st noticed around 6 a.m. (Eastern) today. I...
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    WPCH - Atlanta

    Thanks for the response but just checked and I'm not getting 6369 in Atl. I hope this get resolved soon since baseball season has started and this is our local Braves affiliate
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    WPCH - Atlanta

    The channel was pulled weeks ago because of another dispute, the channel disappeared from the guide a couple of weeks later. I noticed yesterday the channel is again included on the guide (with the Important Info. label). I hope this dispute will be soon settled. Does anyone have an update?
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    Hopper Heals Itself? What a Hopper!

    We had a similar issue with 1 Hopper & 2 Joey configuration this past weekend. The system locked-up, tried the red reset button, as well as unplug the hopper and attempted to reset. The system would hit the start screen then screen would go blank and again recycle. I called Dish, they said...
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    Hopper Lock-up & 45 Min's to Re-Boot

    Thanks Scott. This issue occurred approx. 8 p.m. (Eastern) last night. I just checked and I'm on software S204 (3/22/12) so it doesn't look like the upgrade occurred (at least to my box) last night. I talked to Dish said they said I may just have a bad Hopper.... bummer :( They are coming to...
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    Hopper Lock-up & 45 Min's to Re-Boot

    For the most part I'm happy with the 1 Hopper 2 Joey, internet via wireless stick upgrade 2 weeks ago. We've experienced the bugs noted on the forum. Last night the Hopper froze, tried the red button on the front reset, system went to Hopper re-start screen and then to a black screen, gave up...
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    Hopper Internet Connection via Home Plug

    I had a Hopper & 2 Joeys installed Sat. Is it possible to connect the Hopper to the internet via a Home Plug? I'm currently connected via wireless usb plug but would prefer to use the Home Plug since it's faster. I previously used the Home Plug on my VIP622 & VIP211 but can't seem to get the...
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    New Guy Question – Hopper OTA a hardware or software upgrade?

    I’ve been reading for some time and just now joined, thanks for the Great web site and info. I have a new-guy question, I’ve tried to find but cannot and sorry if this has been already answered. I’m planning to upgrade from a VIP622 & VIP211K to a 1 hopper & 2 joey set-up. We live in the...