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    Enter Here For The Xbox 360

    xbox I want to win.
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    Have any of you guys had any dealings with an outfit called SunDish? A couple of months ago I decided to dump Time Warner and go with Dish. There was a SunDish ad on the internet that offered a free DVD player and a $50 gift certificate for new Dish subscribers. I ordered Dish thru SunDish...
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    I need a Club Dish Referral number

    ClubDish referral I'm getting ready to sign up with Dish and could use a referral number. Just PM me if you have one.
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    Post Any New News Story Links Here

    Still Signing Subscribers My son asked me about VOOM about a week ago and said he was thinking about signing up with them. I told him I thought they were going out to business based on what I had read on this forum. Today, he calls them and talks to the CSR for about 15 minutes. The CSR...
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    Just me or anyone else noticed........

    I don't think it has anything to do with the 811. I have a 522 and just made a comment to my wife that the PQ seems to be better the past couple of days - not sure what accounts for it.
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    going back to cable...for now

    I too got an offer from TW that would cost me $39.95 per month (includidng free installation) for their digital package of 200+ channels, plus $5.00 per month for each of their premium movie packages. I am currentlly on Dish but I'm considering a switch. I can opt out of dish without any...
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    Almost a VOOM Subscriber

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to give VOOM a try. I was, and am, uphappy with D since I have been unable to get an 811 receiver, I've been waiting almost 3 months now - after they had told me they would have the receivers by the first week of May. Anyway, I give VOOM a call and they give...
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    Installation for 6/8 - newbie needs help!!

    I really don't see how a software upgrade will improve your picture quality on the OTA stations. Also, I notice you're not getting channel 7. Isn't this the FOX network? My wife's not going to be happy if we can't get that. It sounds like the Winegard is not going to cut it on the non-UHF...
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    Installation for 6/8 - newbie needs help!!

    What type of antenna did VOOM provide? If I don't get more channels than that after my installation next Tuesday, I will be asking for an upgrade. Did the guy that did the installation for you think that the antenna was adequate?
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    Installation for 6/8 - newbie needs help!!

    Also Austin Voomer I'm scheduled to get VOOM installed next Tuesday, 06/15. I live in the Cedar Park area so I am anxious to see how well the OTA channels are going to come in. I bet you will have a problem getting your installation done today because of the monsoon rains we're having. Let...
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    811 Wanted!!!

    Yeah, I tried emailing the CEO the same as you. Never got a return message. I am just about ready to give up on Dish. The SBC offering didn't require any long term commitment so may just go back to cable. I've been waiting on an 811 for over 2 months now.
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    811 & new subscriber question

    The SBC/Dish offer does not require a programming commitment. However, I've been waiting on my 811 receiver for a couple of months.
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    522 Question

    I recently had Dish Network installed with a 522 PVR. So far I am very pleased with the 522. My son gave me an old 501 DVR and I am wondering how I could hook it up to another TV. Right now the 522 is set up with TV1 connected to my big screen TV and TV2 is connected to a second TV. Is...
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    SBC/Daish offering

    I got an offer in the mail today that's hard to believe. SBC is offering a $4 monthly discount on Dish programming, plus they allow you to lease the 811 and/or 510 receivers for $5 a month each. Have any of you taken advantage of this offer?? (What really got my attention was that this...
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    Previous Subscriber

    I was a previous subscriber to Dish. I am considering re-subscribing since I'm not pleased with the picutre quality I'm getting with local cable. I have a Dish 501 receiver. Is it outdated? Does anybody know what it will cost me to get an HD receiver from Dish? I tried for an hour last...