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    DTivo vs. Directv DVR

    Does the R15 have features simliar to the Tivo Wish List, or Suggestions?
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    DTivo vs. Directv DVR

    HI all, I switched to comast 1 yr ago regrattably, and now want to move back to D*. I have my two original DTivo's, but the thought of using them thru vonage brings back horrible memories. But, my wife loved the tivo and misses it daily. Im debating whether or not to get the new DVRs...
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    Comcast in the Dallas area

    Hi Neutron, I live in Dallas and have had comcast for about a year- switched to get HD locals which neither D* nor E* had at the time. HD picture looks on par with D*/E*, SD quality is average. DVR is absolutely, 100%, horrible. Prior to comcast I had DirecTivo's, and prior to that E* with...
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    Questions about signing up/cost

    Glenn, If you path $10 for the HD DVR box, do you still have to pay the $5 HD fee? Thanks!
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    Questions about signing up/cost

    Hi, Thinking about switching to comcast from directv. What promotions are going on right now for signing up in the DFW area? I want to install Digital Plus on two TVs, both with DVR's. One of these TV's is high def. Am I correct in assuming this will be an additional: $5 (extra...
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    Too Much $$$ to upgrade, going to DISH

    Hi Madisonbdish- I wasnt referring to mirroring charges which are identical for both providers. I was talking about the lease charges. Lease = rent, and last I checked renting meant you paid to borrow something- this was $5 per box when I was with dish, IN ADDITION to the mirroring fee of...
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    Too Much $$$ to upgrade, going to DISH

    Ok--- So if it would cost you $200 for 3 new units--- Dish charges you $5/ month to lease. so $200 compares to $15/month--- in one year, you will have paid the same amount with Dish. Except a) you will continue to pay as long as you are leasing recievers, and b) you will have inferior...
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    The 6.2 software is coming for the DTV dvr's

    Anyone have any idea when this update is coming? The month rolls on and no word on this that I have seen...
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    Get a $20 credit on TC Premire !!!

    HEh-- actually in the poker world a nickel is $500, a dime is 1k. :) I like seeing more poker players coming around with the recent travel channel/ESPN coverage. My monthly earnings have tripled in the last year. :)
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    Codes for Directivo reversible?

    just curious (at work and cant try it now)... will select/play/select/15/select give a 15 second skip?
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    Stay away from Value Electronics!

    They installed for me last week- and did a great job. Two thumbs up here... looks like you just got a sub-cont that was smokin dope that day.
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    Dishnetwork switching to Directv Questions

    Yep, triple lnb needed to grab HD yep.. u need two cables to each dvr, one for each tuner. My understanding is the DVR's are the same, just a different name stamped on the front. Dont know if this is true, but ive seen it in several places here. I just switched from E*, and the dish...
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    Wireless Transmission of TV signal in Home?

    you have the best GF on the planet. My dream home has a TV in the floor, right in front of the toilet....
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    Direc tivo problems..need some feedback

    I just switched from E* last week. The RCA DVR80 is just as quiet as my 508 was. The Grid Guide is VERY slow- embarrasingly slow. But the Tivo Guide is much faster, and better overall IMO. To switch to it, bring the guide up and hit "info".
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    If you are a DirecTV customer and don't have a DTivo, you're crazy!

    keep in mind the phase 3 dishes have a switch built in, up to four outputs.
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    Dish Customer thinking of switching..

    I switched this week and got 2 D* Tivos-- previously had service with E*, and had 2 508's. The Tivos just blow away the 508 in so many ways I cant list them all here. :) I was a BIG supporter of E* for years, but finally faced the fact that there is much better programming and equipment out...
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    D* referral program?

    Hey all--- Does D* have a referral program (similiar to "club dish" with E*)? How does it work, if there is one?
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    OK gang I'm moving to Direct!

    Just ordered thru valueelec also, awesome cust service so far and super fast getting out the door. Now, I just gotta wait..... :)
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    Need a favor

    Hey Barney--- sent u a message (check your PM's). I just saw it came out on DVD this last week!!! Already went out and grabbed it!!!! But thanks for everything anyways!
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    OK gang I'm moving to Direct!

    52% of all households--- NOT. not even close sir.
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    Need a favor

    AWESOME. I have a VHS copy of that that is probably been through 10 generations of dubbing, and barely watchable. When I saw this i had to have it --- but I see this was JUST released on DVD this, Ill just go grab it!!! PS--- some SRV tunes covered by me @ :)...
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    Need a favor

    HEy all-- My D* system gets installed next week (shipping now). There is a Stevie Ray Vaughan "PREEVIEW" on today/tommarow that I CANNOT miss. You can tell by the avatar that Im a guitar freak. Can someone PLEEEEZE make a VHS or DVD copy of this? Ill gladly reimburse via paypal/other...
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    OK gang I'm moving to Direct!

    I have just also made the switch from e*!!! I placed an order with valueelectronics for 2 DVR80's. I was a big E* supporter for a while, but enough is enough, time to face reality. :)
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    Is this possible for new setup?

    D* offers a 2-room setup for free. If I want to add 2 DTivo's, its another $199 (with $50 rebate, $149). This is for 2 dvr40's. Can I just get the 2-room system for free, then go to best buy and buy 2 dvr80's for the same $199 total, and throw the original D* recievers in the closet? If...
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    New Directv offer ?

    I dont see either deal.. 19 or 39... how about a link?