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    Best of Chicago Sports now on Dish network

    It sure would be nice if they would carry the HD games that Comcast Sportnet Chicago have, but alas Dish's lack of proactivity in HD warrants a no chance for quite a while thought!
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    Transponder problems

    Do you have a switch of some kind inline on the cable (from Dish to receiver(s))? It so that could be going bad. Also do you have a surge protector that you run your cable through? That to could be bad. Try using a barrel connector to bypass the surge if you are using one for the cable.
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    Dish Liquidating 25,000 40" HDTV's $699

    If you have a 51" Mitsubish the it is either a SD TV or one of those stop-gap 4x3 HDTV's which use substandard components. If it is indeed a 4x3 HDTV then you must have some seriously bad problems with it if it looks worse then the RCA HDTV!
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    Blue Ray HD DVD Technology maybe Dead

    This announcement means nothing considering Blue-Ray has the Sony Library, a large portion of the MGM library. Also Warner Bros. has already given their support to Blue-Ray already and the other studios will not be foolish enough to box themselves in by only supporting a single standard. Those...
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    Dish 6000 - keep or go to 811?

    The biggest reason I have remained with the 6000 instead of going with a 811 is the fact that the 6000 can NOT be made to downres high def (when flagged) like the 811 does.
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    2 Dish 6000 Receivers NEW IN BOX SEALED

    Do they come with either the 8VSB or 8PSK modules?
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    Recommended way to waterproof connectors?

    Use F-Connector boots and fill the connectors (before screwing them on) with dielectric grease. You will then never have to worry about water problems.
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    The Weather Channel...locally that is.

    OpenTV weather is pitifully inaccurate! They need to go with another weather service because the current providor is horrible!
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    811 vs. 6000 Why is the 6000 so expensive?

    Also the 6000 can not be enabled to downres high def like the newer receivers such as the 811 can. This is important when broacasters start using flags to tell the equipment to downres video on HDTV's without Digital connections.
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    Dish is "Oh so sensitive"

    Another thing to note that hasn't been talked about and that is the fact that Dish has all leased equipment insured so they are not only going to recover the cost through their insurance but also stick it to the customer and end up profiting from this disaster! And if you think Dish does NOT...
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    Dish is "Oh so sensitive"

    :rolleyes: Such compasion. Geeeeez!
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    Dish is "Oh so sensitive"

    My GOD! If you actually believe what you have written above then you are a horrible person! To compare a mere theft of equipment to someone losing EVERYTHING in a Tornado is rediculous! Yes, legally Dish can demand payment for the lost equipment, BUT their is a human emotion called COMPASION...
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    If in Wisconsin and Michigan

    If anyone is in the Wausau/Minoqua/Rhindlander/Tomahawk area you can contact an outstanding Dish retailer called Stargate Entertainment in Tomahawk # (715) 453-9030.
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    Yet another 6000 for sale...

    It helps if you actually put a price down!
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    Hypothetical Question! used 3900 still has programming

    It is true receivers that have been taken out of the stream for months before they took the kill hit will retain programming for a while when reconnected months later, but it will eventually be killed as Dish send ECM's out that will take care of these rogue receivers.
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    New 721 on eBay, $249.99 - No Reserve

    You can go to any local dealer to get this same $249 for 721 deal, plus you have the peace of mind of knowing where and who you bought from!
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    Dish NEtwork 301 & 3900 receivers for sale!

    Both receivers have been sold. Thanks
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    Hughes Silver Edition (model HIRD-E1) receiver for sale.

    I have a Hughes Silver Edition (model HIRD-E1) receiver w/ remote for sale for $35.00 plus actual shipping.
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    Dish NEtwork 301 & 3900 receivers for sale!

    Dish NEtwork 301 & 3900 receivers for sale! ** SOLD ** I have a 301 & 3900 Dish Network receivers for sale w/ remotes. I am asking $65 for the 301 & $60 for the 3900. Buyer pays actual shipping charges. PayPal accepted. Both receivers have the original smartcards and there are no balances on...
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    Snow on Dish

    You can buy a product called Hot Shot (by perfect 10) that you put on your dish and run a low voltage wire to an electric source and it will melt any snow or ice you get built up on the dish.
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    What Can I use the DVR-510 "Expansion Port" for?

    Of course not but what does that have to do with my response? The post prior to mine said Dish is not known to activate upgrades on their "receivers" not their 510's. Well my post remarks on Dish doing just that with their receivers by upgrading the 6000 receiver twice. Maybe you should read...
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    What Can I use the DVR-510 "Expansion Port" for?

    Actually they are well know for using the expansion port as they use both ports on the 6000. One expansion was for a OTA HD tuner and the other was to upgrade the 6000 to 8PSK.