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    This satellite worth it?

    You could also cut the threaded part off flush. Then use a drill and a tap & die set to install a new threaded rod.
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    Adventures in Dish Hunting 2017

    The motor assembly itself looks just like the motor on an actuator.
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    After storm 103° W TP 4141 no Q

    I would at least check the one outside. Even if it is under a cover there could be water getting in. In the past I have used that silicone gel to seal up the ends exposed to weather.
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    The wife kill my dish actuator

    I once found a Fluke meter in a bag of leaves someone had put out to be picked up by the city. One lucky day. Also have one that my wife bought me for a Christmas present.
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    C-Band Orthomode Feed and LNB question

    I'm running two 5150's with an ortho here with good results. Even though I have a powered wnc multi-switch available I have not installed it yet. It is running through a normal multiswitch and working off of 13 and 18 volts. I haven't had any trouble out of the vertical side even though it is...
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    info on lnb

    The California Amp mini max is a good performer . If it is new enough with a good noise figure it would be worth trying. I have used them in the past with good results.
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    How do I get started

    A 16' would also catch a lot of signal.
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    Get my new dish today

    Not around here, " too likely to use a hammer" and smack some signal into that sucker. LoL
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    Terrestrial shield

    Some power companies also have the ability to turn off water heaters,etc during peak hours. I would think that they would also work the same way.
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    Transponder confusion

    I've never used a Linkbox so I don't know how easy it is to get rid of channels. The boxes I use the Amico and Az , it is easy to get rid of unwanted channels.
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    Transponder confusion

    Do a blind scan. Just make sure you choose scan all instead of just fta. The channels you are talking about are labeled scrambled but come in.
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    info on c band dish

    I found my 5ft unimesh and 1.2 channel master both on craigslist.
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    Rain fade more than anticipated

    I've watched in bad downpours with little to no rain fade, at least that I could tell. Are you sure you don't have some other problem?
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    8ft BUD from neighbor for free

    If it was me I would go straight to the 3500. I think that is what you bought. If you go to the other receiver you may lose the voltage control feature since it will probably provide a straight 18 volts since it used a small motor to change skew instead of variable voltage. On the back of the...
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    PowerMax Vbox X Transformer?

    If I put it up I can usually find it, but if the wife does you can forget it.
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    Linkbox 9000i I think

    I went to the Linkbox website. The last update for the 9000i looks to be for 12/02/16 . I didn't have any trouble with trying to download. You should be able to check what version you have in the receiver.
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    Linkbox 9000i I think

    I don't have that receiver. I hope someone that does will be able to help you out. Good luck. I know that with the Azbox line that usually will help on a lot of things.
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    Linkbox 9000i I think

    You said nothing about having rebooted the receiver. If you haven't thats the first thing I would try.
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    New home Dish install.

    You might want to check it first. It might have just the amount of adjustment that you need.
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    New home Dish install.

    I like the way that you have an infinate declination ajustment on that mount . One that I brought home had just three holes to use and that was the only adjustment on it.
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    Combining C/Ku LNBF's

    MN Vikings : Instead of reprogramming the whole arc you should be using the realign feature in the Asc1. That's what it is for. Check the manual for more info. Even old analog receivers had that feature.
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    Combining C/Ku LNBF's

    After the internal switch on my combo c/ku lnbf went out I ran port 4 to the c band side and port 3 to the ku side. I'm using the other two ports also with one on 121 deg and port two at 30 deg. So yes it should work like you want. I think the universal combo's used internal disqet switches so...
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    Digital Breakup on 101 C Band

    I'm sure they are smart enough to read between the lines.
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    Terrible luck with actuators

    I was going to mention the resync but Brian beat me to it. This is one instance where it would have been a great help; and probably easier too. Anyhow glad that you are back in business.
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    Anyone remember this from the Analog days???

    I got mine up and tracking from reading all the satellite magazines that were around in those days. In the 1980's those were plentiful. I miss the old On sat and Orbit publications.