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  1. csschrot

    Hopper + Eastern Arc?

    Been running a 2 Hopper 4 joey system on Eastern Arc since the release of the Hopper. You are good to go. Enjoy and welcome to Satellite Guys. Shawn
  2. csschrot

    Missing Channels ( They're back!)

    Think DISH is having a major problem. In the last 10 -15 mins our phone has been ringing off the hook. Very wide spread.
  3. csschrot

    CBS wants $5 per sub

    In this story CBS either wants Hopper auto hop shut down or pay CBS $5 per sub for lost advertising.
  4. csschrot

    Activating two Hoppers

    We download all of the Hoppers at the shop the day before the install. Then once we are on the job site I just hook up to the node, the Hopper does it thing and brings up the screen to activate. Has helped me so I don't have to wait at the job site for the Hoppers. Once the account is...
  5. csschrot

    Dish Hopper with Sling - Would You Upgrade?

    Since no Android support no reason to upgrade.
  6. csschrot

    DISH New Hopper Transfers Delivers DVR Recordings to iPad

    Well this is BS. No android love and only on the new Hopper 1.5. Sorry can't really call it a 2.0 for a transfer feature that should work for us with networked Hoppers and wireless router already. Would like them to explain why no roll back to current Hoppers
  7. csschrot

    Can't get 119 to save my soul.

    When ever I have a customer trying to peak in there own 1000.2 I tell them to take Aluminum Foil and cover to two outer eyes. This way any signal that comes through is only coming through on the 119 eye. If you hit 110 again then you need to lower and move west. If you hit 129 need to go up...
  8. csschrot

    DISH gets FCC Approval

    I would love to see them going with Google. Think of a Google phone getting updates without having VZ, ATT or Sprint in the middle of it. I would think that a Google-DISH system would be a unlimited data and not throttled. Look at what Google is trying to to in KC and DISH wouldn't have to...
  9. csschrot

    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    Aug 23 2012 12:00 Noontime
  10. csschrot

    Possible Upcoming Software Update

    Well the hopper to hopper may be working (haven't tried since both hoppers at home theater location). However the joey's are now having problems. I can see both hoppers from the normal drop down and when we select a DVR show from other Hopper (not currently linked to) the program starts to...
  11. csschrot

    Please take this survey...

    GTG Done!!
  12. csschrot

    DISH Hopper Wireless Keyboard / Remote / Social Networking Concept Video

    That is the big question. Glad I don't have to decide the price and to be honest I a little worried about what they will want for such a remote. As of now for the people that want extra remotes when we spilt TV2 or mirror TV1 to other tv's they don't complain about a $29 remote. I don't think...
  13. csschrot

    DISH Hopper Wireless Keyboard / Remote / Social Networking Concept Video

    Ready to order!!! I know several of our customers would buy them just for the channel searching feature.
  14. csschrot

    Team Summit - General Assembly

    Just tried this at the shop. What I find interesting is that each time you start a new program the pop-up asking about auto hop shows up. So you have to select it each time, that may be the way they get around the providers. This isn't a auto on all the time thing. Just a thought.
  15. csschrot

    Team Summit Press Event

    Both would be awesome.
  16. csschrot

    Joey won't link

    The one thing I learned is that live TV on the Hopper is not the best point to start hooking up Joey's. If the Hopper doesn't have a client ID the Joey's will not link to the Hopper. So to check to see if the Hopper has the Client ID: Menu - Settings - Network setup (or just use blue...
  17. csschrot

    DISH Network Retailer Chat Recap - "Hopper Special" - 2/16/2012

    Scott, Just printed the training guide. According to the Customer Estimate Sheet if you have 2 Hoppers the WILL NOT be able to communicate to each other at launch but is a upcoming feature. Just wanted to pass this info on. Shawn
  18. csschrot

    Dish Class Action Law Suit?

    See on your bill where if says HD250Free ($10/mo). That is your free HD for life. So You are getting the HD channels in the AT250 free.
  19. csschrot

    2/2/2012 3:16am - Uplink Activity Report - 19 changes

    Could careless about second ABC. The people here I talk to want PBS in HD.
  20. csschrot

    HD service incompatible with SD receivers?

    Well I believe since you are on the East Coast that you have a Eastern Arc dish that looks at 61.5, 72 and 77. If that is the case then yes you do need HD receivers since they are MPEG-4 receivers. The Eastern Arc system only supports MPEG-4 and not MPEG-2 (or SD) receivers. If you are not...
  21. csschrot

    2011 Big Ten Football

    Well Jimbo, they must be young or stupid and I would say stupid. As far as THIS Husker fan is concerned they are not even close to being the Blackshirts. Plus those fans must not have wacthed the game because those Pinkshirts couldn't stop the Ohio State offense when Miller was in. I think Bo...
  22. csschrot

    2011 Big Ten Football

    Twisted his ankle on a scrammble. At least that is what it looked like on the replay. They taped it but didn't look like he could plant. If I remember correctly it was right ankle.
  23. csschrot

    2011 Big Ten Football

    Well I think the Huskers were lucky tonight. Miller was ripping us apart, so it was bad luck (for Ohio State) to have him leave the game when he did. Our defense really needs to pull their head out of there a$$es and tackle. It was a poor showing on the defense. The offense looked better but...