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  1. goaliebob99

    13/18V switch for two c-band feeds (orthomode)

    Yes, I already have the power insurers needed to send 18Vdc down the line to both LNB's. Just needed to find the 13/18Vdc switch.
  2. goaliebob99

    13/18V switch for two c-band feeds (orthomode)

    I'm trying to get EBSpro to talk with an Orthomode that I put up last week on H/V. For some reason, I thought I would be able to slap an Ecoda 22khz switch and swap polarities that way. Both LNB's are on their own polarity and can take either 13 or 18v. So no need to supply voltage. I...
  3. goaliebob99

    Dish and DirecTV once again in talks despite antitrust.

    I'm curious about the technical back end. Do they shut down the DirecTV RUF's that were on the ATT backbone? It's been a few years since I worked at a RUF but I am assuming all that infrastructure stayed when DirecTV separated given that ATT had a controlling interest. Would the new...
  4. goaliebob99

    Does anyone know when DTV's deal for NFL ST ends? Is it after 2021?

    They could do it, they would just use the same TEAMS transponders on CBAND that they use to get MLB EI, NHL CI and NBA LP to all the head ends. NFL usually doesn't interfere with any of those sports, and by the time the games are over, they could easily switch feeds.
  5. goaliebob99

    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    It also depends on if your tower has been upgraded for 5G. In my area I get 300 down and 30 up on 5G. I would imagine for some that would be sufficient especially if the home service has 5G.
  6. goaliebob99

    FCC Replacing BUD for those with protected status.

    I filed to have my BUD protected back when the FCC was asking for it about a year back when FCC was asking for those seeking protection. I imagined I would eventually get a filter, but was presently surprised when I was told my mesh dish would be upgraded to an aluminum at no cost. Anyone...
  7. goaliebob99

    I can't get The Marquee Network on my Directv

    I always thought Marquee should have been a part of the sports package. There are tons of Cub fans out here in Arizona that goes to spring training on a religious basis every year, but they are blocked out as well. Whoever negotiated this agreement was retarded. No way fans should be shut...
  8. goaliebob99

    Satellite T8 moving to 119W, T7S to be retired.

    Wasnt T7S the one with the slow gas leak?
  9. goaliebob99

    American Airlines forgot to pay it’s Dish Network Bill.

    I dont see any other airlines doing this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. goaliebob99

    American Airlines forgot to pay it’s Dish Network Bill.

    Flew on two 737’s from Tucson to Atlanta today, each one live TV was not available. Viasat is saying they are no longer offering. This is terrible service, not to mention it wasn’t the best to begin with as video often froze on these flights, but something is better than nothing. Just wish they...
  11. goaliebob99

    The YouTube TV Thread

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. goaliebob99

    The YouTube TV Thread

    Live sports is coming back. It wont be long now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. goaliebob99

    Nick West HD uplinked in Hidden Test Mode.

    I wish Directv would do this. We watch NickW more than the east feed.
  14. goaliebob99

    AT&T’s massive TV losses continue as another 900,000 customers flee.

    When the nation is stuck at home, streaming and watching OTB TV services, losing nearly a million customers is not a good show of the strength of your offerings. "Stephenson said he’s looking at possible job cuts and other cost efficiencies in order to stem the bleeding."...
  15. goaliebob99

    DirecTV Uplink Site?

    Yep it's apart of the ATT exit process now.
  16. goaliebob99

    Marquee Sports Network

    Just called DirecTV as well and was told it's not in the sports pack. Who is the idiot who negotiated that one? They need to be canned, because apparently they think cubs fans only reside in Illinois. How this was not included in the sports pack is a head-scratcher as this should have been...
  17. goaliebob99

    DirecTV Uplink Site?

    This is the facility I worked at up until two weeks ago. Tucson locals are collected here and sent to LABC for uplink. It’s primary mission is uplink of local channels through out the country with a secondary mission for Sky Mexico at SKY 79. I have tons of drone footage and pictures...
  18. goaliebob99

    Masked Singer in 4K after the Superbowl in 4K.

    Looks like the masked signer has now disappeared from the guide. :(
  19. goaliebob99

    Masked Singer in 4K after the Superbowl in 4K.

    Top 40 markets will be live by the end of the year in 3.0
  20. goaliebob99

    Masked Singer in 4K after the Superbowl in 4K.

    I hope this leads to Fox launching a real 4K channel. Super stoked to see the masked singer in 4K. Dolby Atmos would be positive as well.
  21. goaliebob99

    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    Lots of people are leaving or have already left.
  22. goaliebob99

    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    Kind of a surreal day as I have been along for the ride. DirecTV was a great company to work for and I was with the company pre-AT&T, back in DirecTV's peak. Great benefits and great people. The company knew that the customer was the focus as they were what paid our paychecks. The sense...
  23. goaliebob99

    Is there any way to get a Hopper 3 without a credit check?

    I dont think bad credit is an issue as they are going to be purchasing a home in 6 months when they move from OKC to Texas. He took a job in the oil fields. I think it's a matter of they dont want the inquiry on their report for the mortgage company. From the sounds of it, it sounds like...
  24. goaliebob99

    Is there any way to get a Hopper 3 without a credit check?

    My brother in law called me up looking for answers as I seem to be the satellite guru of the family, but I'm not knowledgeable in the promotions dish has. They want to get a hopper 3 as a new customer but dont want to do the credit check. They looked at dish but it seems to be really...