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    From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

    I can't believe 20 years have Passed! I still remember being really upset at that other forum for banning you since you did all the work, and the guy running that other forum basically did nothing. I joined this forum on the first day, and it has been my favorite online forum ever since. Thanks!
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    What TV's or streaming devices allow Dish Anywhere to be installed?

    I agree with that. Right now, it is on sale for $26.99 (regular price: $54.99). I just bought another one because I accidentally left the remote at our time-share while on vacation. It was more cost effective to buy a new 4K Max (while it's on sale) than to buy a replacement remote.
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    Why doesn't Dish add online streaming?

    No. This past August, Amazon has discontinued selling/making the Recast. Amazon says they will continue to support the Recast until at least 2026, so if you can still find one online, it will continue to work for a few years. Recast Discontinued
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    Why doesn't Dish Anywhere work with Microsoft Edge?

    Yes, Firefox doesn't work with Dish Anywhere, but it is not Chromium based so that is expected. Since Edge is Chromium based, I wonder why it no longer works. As I said, it worked when Edge was first released.
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    Why doesn't Dish Anywhere work with Microsoft Edge?

    Does anyone know why Dish Anywhere does not work with Edge? I thought Edge was Chromium based, so why doesn't it work? Is it because Edge is not compatible, or is it just that Dish has committed to Android, so they don't want it to work with Edge. When the Edge browser was first released, Dish...
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    Dish Reliability

    I live in Connecticut and have had Dish for over 20 years. I have only experienced rain fade a few times in all those years. It has to be raining incredibly hard for the signal to go out, and it only lasts a couple of minutes. I remember a few storms where cable was out for over a week, but it...
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    DVR records and deletes episodes?

    I know this doesn't help you much, but I have 132 episodes of Archer recorded on my HWS, and none of them have ever been erased. I have my receiver set to record new episodes, and none of them have disappeared.
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    "Locals only" possible, where no OTA reception?

    This is the one that I found is most accurate in my area. It is run by the FCC: DTV Reception Maps (FCC)
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    Dish Retention No Longer Offering A Discount

    The same thing happened to me last year, so this year I was ready and called in at the right time. I got the promotion that rvvaquero linked in post #3 above, and I was happy with that. It took a few phone calls, but I also did get credit for the amounts that they over-charged me because the...
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    OTA dongle issue

    That could be caused by a weak signal from your antenna. Do you have good signal strength/quality from your antenna? Is your antenna pointed correctly to get the best signal strength?
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    Controlling my audio receiver with the Hopper Remote

    No, I think the last ones were made in 2013. The Panasonic TH-58PX60U is way older than that. It might be new to him, but it was made around 2007.
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    Why are my episodes of Yellowstone disappearing?

    For everyone that is looking for missing episodes of Yellowstone: In the past, the Paramount Network channel has had Yellowstone marathons where they show all episodes of Yellowstone in order. I know they have done this at least twice because that is how I recorded the series. They will...
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    Why are my episodes of Yellowstone disappearing?

    You are right. I have never had a show get deleted because I no longer subscribed to a certain channel. In fact, I still have shows that were recorded from free previews that were on premium channels.
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    Why are my episodes of Yellowstone disappearing?

    Do you have your receiver set to save all episodes of Yellowstone? I think the default is set to save 20 episodes. I have recorded all episodes of Yellowstone to date, and my HWS has saved them all (I think I have 31 episodes saved so far). None have disappeared. I recorded them all from the...
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    Getting a new roof, what do I need to know?

    When I had a new roof installed I called DIsh and told them that I did not want the satellite dish to be re-installed on my new roof (why put holes in a brand new roof). Because I was a long-time customer (over 20 years) Dish sent someone to install a pole mount, and they did it for free! It...
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    Dish Anywhere worked great last week while on vacation

    sktrus, Dish Anywhere also works with Chrome-based web-browsers (I use Microsoft Edge) but I have found that it works much better using the Dish Anywhere app on my Fire Stick. It works pretty well on my iphone and ipad too. If you watch live while at a remote location, you'll need a good upload...
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    Dish Anywhere worked great last week while on vacation

    Thanks Scott, that is good to hear. I like that Dish continually tries to improve things. I agree that the Dish Anywhere team is doing a really good job.
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    Dish Anywhere worked great last week while on vacation

    Last week I was on vacation at Cape Cod and I used Dish Anywhere quite a bit (on my Fire Stick). I was surprised that it worked perfectly for me! I was able to watch live and pre-recorded programs without any buffering, erase shows, and schedule new recordings, all without any problems at all...
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    Max number of recordings?

    I have recorded all 118 episodes of Archer without problems. In his post above, logdog says he recorded 280 episodes of Big Bang Theory, so I don't think there is a limit.
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    Annoying message pops up on hopper 3 - "the hopper snap usb device is now connected and working" 1592

    Try again with a different support person. If that doesn't work you can ask to escalate the call to a more senior person. Something is broke and Dish should fix it!
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    Annoying message pops up on hopper 3 - "the hopper snap usb device is now connected and working" 1592

    I also have a HWS Dish receiver. Just so you know... I only got that message once, the first time that I plugged my snap into the HWS. The snap has been connected for a long time, and I have never seen that message again. As others have said, bottom line is that something is wrong with either...
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    I agree. After watching Picard, Star Trek Discovery, and The Good Fight, there wasn't much else we wanted to watch. We were interested in trying out All Rise, but CBS all access (and the new Paramount+) doesn't even carry the first season of their own show! How ridiculous! I have an antenna and...
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    Dish sent my wife $300 gift card to 'switch to Dish'

    I am skeptical about these types of things too, but the phone numbers are Dish phone numbers, so I think this one is real.
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    Dish sent my wife $300 gift card to 'switch to Dish'

    It does not appear to be a scam. There is an actual Mastercard credit card with the Dish logo, along with Dish brochures and channel listing cards.It looks legit to me.
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    Dish sent my wife $300 gift card to 'switch to Dish'

    I thought of doing that, but I am locked in to one of their 2-year price lock/discount offers.