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  1. timmac

    Tune to HD channel doesn't work - must go up a channel?

    If you mean down, then you are correct, working down you will come to the SD first and then HD. I took all the SD versions of my channels out of my favorites so I can tune without getting those. If you are moving up in number than you should come to HD first and if you are putting the number...
  2. timmac

    SuperCast on a Mac?

    I have a MAC, it works fine.
  3. timmac

    hr20 and external hard drive?

    This is true, no transfer from HD to HD and now transfer of eSATA drive from one machine to another. Watch them now!
  4. timmac

    What we are hearing...

    Did you see something? I didn't see any additional PPV mentioned. I was hoping though.
  5. timmac

    An Update

    He said SD chief, I think he is playin.
  6. timmac

    Want to know when D* is launching the new HD Channels?

    Apparently all of our inside information amounted to nothing. It's funny, but I'm sure someone will come back with well they said the 16th, which I and everyone know, but there will never be a drop dead date and all this speculation will be over soon, that is the only thing I'm waiting for.
  7. timmac

    The return of TiVo to DIRECTV

    Policy changed. Read the postcard I only have an HR20
  8. timmac

    The return of TiVo to DIRECTV

    Yesterday in the mail I received a postcard from D* stating, "GREAT NEWS FOR DIRECTV CUSTOMERS" We at D* continue to work with TiVo to bring you the best TV experience possible. What do you need to do to get the most innovative new features? Nothing. We will bring them to you? NEW TIVO FEATURES...
  9. timmac

    The Ultimate D* Hd Question - When?

    What everyone has heard and what everyone guesses means absolutely nothing. The fact that they have more NFL games has no bearing since all games will be MPEG2. Wikipedia reports it as being turned on the 7th. There are rumors on every page and yet the satellite is still not where it needs to...
  10. timmac

    Sat Signals

    I have 77 on #3
  11. timmac

    DIRECTV statement regarding NFL HD 2007

    A new word for the dictionary. If you don't have room for something... what do you do with it.. You TNT it, Baby!
  12. timmac

    Name that Beer in honor of D10 and Directv's new HD channels!

    How about Home Draft... or Home Draft Lite... or just shortening up a bit HD Lite.
  13. timmac

    DIRECTV statement regarding NFL HD 2007

    Who would want to watch TNT on Sunday.... Are You Ready For Some Football!
  14. timmac

    You know you are waiting for the satellite to become operational when.....

    ... when you are plotting the satellite on 4 websites and your backyard telescope on a glass partition in your living room just to keep your family abreast and reducing the margin of error by .000001 percent. (Am I really doing this?)
  15. timmac

    2 HD DVRs exchanging content

    Is there any way to share content between 2 DVRs that are located in different areas of the house. I've heard some people talking about sling tv and connecting to network, just wanted to know if anyone was doing it and how complicated it is. :confused:
  16. timmac

    D10 Testing Ahead of Schedule

    Haha, you are too funny, my friend! I have been around with D* for a long time. I have 2 HD TVs and I can't watch anything unless it is HD, but whether it is Sept 4th or the 15th and the man inside doesn't want to say is just pure and utter nonsense. Just go to your friend with DISH and watch...
  17. timmac

    D10 Testing Ahead of Schedule

    You are talking 11 days people, curb your enthusiasm! :rolleyes:
  18. timmac

    New HD Receiver

    It's a 100. It has the 0x17e software and native was off!
  19. timmac

    New HD Receiver

    No its definately HD DVR. I will find out the specifics when I get home tonight. I know the two DVR models that I have are not the same. One of the main problems is the ability to rewind the buffer. If I do a power reset everything works as far as the DVR functions but some of the channels...
  20. timmac

    HR20-100 flipping out?

    I had the same problem when I got my first DVR. I would get the signal missing indicator and it slowly became less. Several calls to DTV and visits. They removed the multiport and believed it was fixed. Still no fix. The signal lost was coming in with the tech there and still no fix or...
  21. timmac

    New HD Receiver

    Well, after great negotiations, I have a new HD DVR. My new one has a different light bar than my old one. The old one looked like dots, this one is more blended. I don't use it much, but when I do I am unable to pause it. It also won't change channels very quickly. When in this mode I have...
  22. timmac

    Who is deciding HD PPV

    Unfortunately and with a strong taste of HD in my mouth, I have been reduced to the few channels that we get right now in HD because I just simply cannot and will not watch SD. My wife is constantly asking what is on PPV and I refuse to get SD PPV, but everytime I check the listing they have...
  23. timmac

    Regional Sports Network Atlanta Braves

    I live in Senoia, Ga. 30276. The Braves are playing on local 17 in SD and they are in HD on 94. If I tune in channel 94 it says "program is not available in your area". Why not? I'm not a Braves fan and I could care less about Atlanta games but I thought I was suppose to get regional games...
  24. timmac

    When Will DirecTV Confirm New HD Lineup?

    I was showing someone the other day the difference and to me it is night and day. The person who I was showing didn't see the difference. My son and I were laughing because to us it is a dramatic difference. Blind people should not drive or buy HD television sets.
  25. timmac

    Directv10 Satellite Launch Broadcast

    Looks like Directv 10 is just about to be parked in its test location. 103 right now