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  1. J

    DISH may lose WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio

    I'll start watching CBS programming again now that it's back on Dish, but will not go back to watching any local programs on WBNS. I'm done with them.
  2. J

    USB Digital OTA Tuner in Dish Store

    Same here. I called customer service and they didn't know what a USB OTA TUNER is.
  3. J

    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    Thanks Scott. With Dish fighting with the CBS affiliate in Columbus and the new season of programming ready to launch, the sooner the better for me.
  4. J

    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    Is there seriously any estimate as to when the OTA tuner will be available?
  5. J

    So whos NOT getting a Hopper due to lack of OTA?

    I could really use that OTA tuner for my Hopper. We lost our CBS station in Columbus, Oh due to a fee fight. It's been going on for a couple of weeks with no end in sight. I'm in favor of Dish resisting these large fee increases but it would sure be easier to weather the storm with an OTA tuner.
  6. J

    Benefits of connecting my 722 to Broadband?

    I tried to connect my 622 to the internet for the first time yesterday using a HomePlug. Even though it's rated at up to 85MBPS it connected at 19MBPS. It took 7 hours to download "The Beast" in 1080P and when I tried to watch it the picture jumped all over the screen. I expected it to take...
  7. J

    update on vip722k

    Any word on when the 722K will be available?
  8. J

    Hooking reciever to internet

    Does the 622 also have a Homeplug built in?
  9. J

    Local Channel Question

    Once there is no longer both analog and digital signals transmitted from the local stations, wouldn't there be more bandwidth available for Dish to use in carrying additional local HD.
  10. J

    Dish 622 L4.05 Software (the software formerly known as 409)

    I'm typing this with one hand and knocking on wood with the other because 4.09 seems to have fixed my OTA issues. However, I haven't tried recording anything since receiving the software update. I really hope they didn't fix one issue only to break something else.
  11. J

    L405 for 622

    Well it looks like L405 didn't fix my OTA problem after all. Back to watching American Idol in standard def. Too many signal losses OTA.
  12. J

    L405 for 622

    I did notice some improvement with the OTA signal problem that I have been experiencing but it is not fixed completely. During American Idol last night we lost the signal once and experienced some short bursts of picture break up. Not as bad as it has been recently but still not completely fixed.
  13. J

    L405 for 622

    I'm not sure how I got the update, but I sure hope it fixes my OTA issues!
  14. J

    L405 for 622

    I received L405 at 6:30 am. I may have received it because I contacted Dish last week to complain about the OTA issues that I've been having since the release of 4.01 and 4.03.
  15. J

    Anyone having trouble with Dish OTA HD tuners?

    Count me in. I live in Columbus, Ohio and started having trouble with the OTA signal of our local FOX station as soon as the 4.01 upgrade took effect. There was some improvement with 4.03 but the picture is still far from stable. HELP!!!!
  16. J

    L4.03 on 622

    Anything on a fix for 4.03? I'm looking for an answer to this question also. I had a stable 622 until this most recent series of "upgrades". Now, watching a complete prime time show can be a real adventure. Dish needs to take this seriously and get it fixed.
  17. J

    L4.03 on 622

    I had 3.66 and everything worked fine. Then I received 4.01 and started noticing some OTA drop outs on my local FOX station. Now I have 4.03 and the FOX station was almost unwatchable last night. Since Dish HD locals aren't available in my area OTA is my only option. I really hope this is an...
  18. J

    cbs vs fox in football HD

    Not only does FOX look better, I think the surround sound is also better on FOX. It sounds like you're in the stadium.
  19. J

    OTA Dropouts Driving me nuts!!

    I agree that the problem only occurs when I use the OTA tuner in the 622. The station engineer told me that their tests show that the 622 OTA tuner processes the signal differently than other tuners. However, they switched back to their old equipment for a few days and our problem went away...
  20. J

    OTA Dropouts Driving me nuts!!

    This thread is very interesting. Many of us in the Columbus Ohio area who use a 622 are unable to lock in the OTA signal from the local NBC station. All other OTA signals are coming in loud and clear. The station changed some of their equipment around the 1st of December and we have had...
  21. J

    Priorities for next E* enhancement

    I think the 3 most important things to me are HD locals, HD locals and HD locals. I currently get my HD locals OTA but seem to constantly fight signal stability issues. Not to mention the attractiveness of having the ability to record 3 HD network programs at once on 2 satellite tuners and 1...
  22. J

    All I want for an HD Christmas is...

    I also get my locals OTA but there seem to be constant issues. I started out getting a good signal on all of my local stations. Then, without any changes on my part, I kept losing the signal on my local ABC affiliate. Now that signal is loud and clear but the NBC station keeps dropping out...
  23. J

    All I want for an HD Christmas is...

    I have to agree with this. With all of the talk on this forum about national HD programming, there sure are a lot of questions about launch dates and schedules for local HD availability. It would seem that there is a lot of interest in network HD programming at the local level, myself...
  24. J

    Question about intermitant signal loss

    I live near Grove City, just south of Columbus Ohio. I bought an HDTV a little over a year ago and immediately put a DB2 in my attic. The DB2 is connected to the "antenna in" on my Dish Network VIP622. I have always had a very good signal on all of the Columbus digital stations until this...
  25. J

    622 Harddrive Erased

    I had the same message this morning and I clicked OK. I only had one show on the drive so I wasn't too upset. However, when the dvr restarted the show was still there. Did your programs really get wiped out or was it just cleaning up the Dish downloads?