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    DirecTV installer: Won't run line using flat coax coupler

    Oh, he had them. He just said that they cause "problems" and DirecTV has forbidden them from using them on HD installs. I even talked to the supervisor and he wouldn't do it...
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    DirecTV installer: Won't run line using flat coax coupler

    Ok, so today DirecTV was supposed to come move my service to my new apartment. The installer calls me before the install and asks if I've gotten permission to drill holes from outside. I said no and said that I'd be fine with running a flat coax under the window sill, just like I had done at my...
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    New R15 Software Loaded - 0x10FA

    I did a search and didn't find a thread on this, which I found surprising. So I'm sorry if this is old news. My R15 shows it received 0x10FA at 3:28am on 1/17. I noticed the guide is noticeably faster when using page up/down, as well as some changes in the menu interfaces, specifically record...
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    A Warning for those getting a KaKu dish

    Yeah, I just moved from a few buildings down in July. When they came out to set up the new apartment the guy put my 3-LNB dish facing the building. While he was installing it I noticed I was only recieving the signal from the 101. When I asked him about it he said he only set it to pick up the...
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    Tailgating Help- How To Get Both Local and "ESPN" Dishes to Work

    You need a 3-LNB dish. It will allow you to receive both local and normal channels on a single dish. You can pick one up for cheap on eBay. It looks like this: Bryan
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    A Warning for those getting a KaKu dish

    Just thought I would warn anyone who is getting a 5-LNB Ka-Ku dish and is planning to have that dish pole mounted. The pole required for the KaKu dish is wider than the one used for the 1/2/3 LNB dishes. I was supposed to get my HD-DVR and high-def locals today but instead all I got was the...
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    What to get the Folks: R-15 or DirecTivo?

    Ok, here's a question for those of you who have owned both a DirecTivo and the R-15. After months of convincing, my folks back home are finally going to get DirecTV. Now here's the question. Both my mom and dad are not very technically oriented. They currently have a standalone series 2 tivo...
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    DirecTV Tivo vs. Standalone

    Ok, so I have questions. Does DirecTV tivo have to dial out just like the standalone tivo, or does it get its program info from the satellite like a normal reciever? Also, are the newer DirecTivos able to connect to broadband via their USB ports if the answer to the above is that they have to...
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    More DirecTV Big Happenings

    I don't see how they could add more HD channels immediately. They must wait for the launch of DirecTV 7-S in the February 15ish timeframe They were planning to have it up months ago, but Loral took a little longer than expected to...
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    Phase III dish Question

    eBay. Got one for $40 plus shipping
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    DirecTV Phase III headache

    Nevermind. Turns out, even though I told my Samsung receiver that I now had a Phase III dish, it didn't truly believe it. I told it to do auto detection and it said it was a 3 LNB (before it said it was a 1) and now all satellites are showing up like they should. Woo Hoo! :-) Bryan
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    DirecTV Phase III headache

    Ok. So. I ordered a Phase III dish from eBay to replace my free Phase I dish that was installed a week ago. Ok, so I followed all the directions perfectly, but I am having some issues trying to pick up Sat B and C. Sat A comes in at 97%, but nothing from the other two. I have the tilt and...
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    Dishes: Does brand matter?

    Ok, so I'm looking to get the Phase III dish and an HD receiever. One question though, is one brand of dish any better than another? I mean, they all look exactly the same, well, except the TERK one, the pictures make it look almost black in color. eBay has some great deals on them, I can walk...